Show business: to shave or not to shave?

Show business: to shave or not to shave?

Beard – trend of last year. Whether but everything the celebrity goes to be in fashionable image? After all the beard and mustache strongly change appearance. How you think what image suits them more?

Daniel Craig (47) 

Preparing for role in the Broadway musical "Incessant rain", Craig has grown mustache. Colleagues of the actor consider that now Daniel is similar to the police officer of the 80th and the porn actor. Comparison, of course, spiteful (what else to wait from "well-wishers" for), but we cannot but agree that mustache to Daniel do not go. They will forgive him, make similar to wet cat.

Prince Harry (31) 

Dense red beard of Harry has grown during the expedition to the South Pole. In severe conditions to the prince had no time for shaving. But it has turned out that the beard goes Harry. It gives to the young man of brutality and special charm.

Garik Kharlamov (34) 

It is known that men release mustache and beard to give to the image of courage. Garik Kharlamov of it should not do. Clean-shaven, he looks more solid and more convincing. And here short moustaches and crescent small beard make its person, living and rich in mimicry, comical. In our opinion, it already too.

Dima Bilan (34) 

Art demands the victims. For the sake of the movie by Yury Vasilyev "The music in ice" to Bilan was necessary to release beard. We would not be so categorical. Yes, Bilan looks is more senior, but it does not spoil him at all. Therefore we raise finger up!

Bradley Cooper (40) 

If it was not necessary to choose and define what image of Cooper is pleasant to us more, then we would vote for both images. The handsome man Bradley is not spoiled by beard (more true, nebritost), but it is impossible to tell that without vegetation on face he looks worse. Truly say that you will spoil beauty nothing. And the finger tells about bad quality of photo down – no more.

Jim Carrey (53) 

The actor has grown beard which has too made old him. But we do not like Carrey and without beard. The actor has lost weight and looks at the same time so as if has ached.

Danila Kozlowski (30) 

The small beard does Danila's face to more courageous. Without it Kozlowski is similar to mother's darling. Probably, understanding it, the actor prefers three-day bristle to the clean-shaven person. According to Danila, the easy nebritost gives him to image of brutality. But all of us have made tag "no". It, as well as in case with Bradley, characterizes quality of photo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team