Summer face packs from vegetables

Summer face packs from vegetables

Counters of shops literally burst with abundance of vegetables and fruit? Means, summer in the heat, and it is time to please the skin with natural, saturated vitamin masks. What can be used as basis for mask? As a rule, it is fruit and berries, but also vegetables perfectly are suitable for this role. It is necessary to combine only competently them among themselves for achievement of the best effect.


1. POTATOES – the chemical elements which are contained in its tubers in the properties are similar to halogen containing creams. They smooth small wrinkles, and do skin more elastic and tightened. On small grater grate crude potato. It is possible just to cut it on thin circles and to put on face. You hold mix on face of 15 minutes, then accurately remove it cotton tampon and apply the moisturizing cream.

2. BEET together with sour cream is excellent nutritious means not only for your stomach, but also the person. Grate beet and mix with sour cream. Put on face, and wait when the mask dries. After carefully wash away water. It is remarkable that such structure will be suitable for any type of skin. Even fat.

3. CORN – will strengthen skin and will give it pleasant opaque texture. For speed of action, it is possible to apply it several hours prior to campaign on a visit or important action.

4. The EGGPLANT – has the bleaching properties and also perfectly moisturizes the skin. Peel vegetable, and crush pulp. Put the received gruel on face for 10 minutes. It is desirable to unmask, washing milk or mineral water.

5. The VEGETABLE MARROW – stimulates metabolism therefore is measure of prevention of appearance of wrinkles. Besides, this vegetable perfectly copes with shadows under the eyes. Rub vegetable marrow on small grater, merge the emitted juice. Then put porridge on face (it is possible neck) and cover it with tissue. Leave mask on face for 15 minutes, then wash away it water.

6. CARROTS AND the EGG YOLK – will smooth skin and will refresh the person. The mask is nutritious. Large carrots to grate, add 1 egg yolk and 1-2 h starch spoon. Mix is applied for 15 minutes and washed away by warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team