Typical mistakes when putting gel polish

Typical mistakes when putting gel polish

Gel polish becomes more and more popular that, in principle, is unsurprising — and it is beautiful, and rushes long. However many women can argue with it are unfortunately, the covering not always rushes so much how many it would be desirable. Norm socks two weeks are considered — cracks and chips after this term can be considered normal and the nail already manages to grow and manicure does not look so faultlessly.

Step 1: Degreasing

The beginning masters very often face problems on the first week socks of gel covering. And, alas, very often sin on materials. Undoubtedly, the quality of base, top and the gel polish influences time socks, but there is also set of other factors to which it is worth paying attention. The most important enemy is the deviation from technology and here first of all it is necessary to pay attention, how qualitatively you have degreased the surface of nail and side rollers. When degreasing it is worth giving preference to lint-free napkins (they can be got in special shop or to order on the Internet), and here it is better to refuse cotton pads as they can leave small fibers that considerably will worsen quality of work. Degreasing needs to be carried out in several steps: processing by the disinfector and directly degreasing. Of course, it is the best of all to pick up professional tool, but very often for the purpose of economy use also inexpensive available means, for example alcohol. It not only will remove fat, but also will save nail plate from other pollution. It is also possible to use usual liquid for varnish removal. After you have degreased nail, it is possible to put basic covering. Dry base in lamp 2 minutes and degrease. As speak, the base is specialist in fat. And if after degreasing you have noticed bald spots, then once again repeat the procedure of causing base and surely seal — carry out on nail face by brush with means. From quality of causing base, as well as depends on the material much therefore you should not save. You should not exclude also that material can just not suit you. It is possible to find out it only by practical consideration.

Step 2: Putting gel and finish

Then it is possible to start putting directly gel and the finish. Their quality also influences duration socks. Especially it is worth paying attention to closing of each layer is the one more factor affecting life expectancy of your gel covering. Important nuance — you watch that there were no zatek. it not only is ugly, but also considerably will reduce time socks.

Simple councilsAnd finally we will talk about manicure before covering of marigold gel. It is the best of all to make hardware manicure — it does not assume soaking. If there is no opportunity — is admissible to make classical cut manicure, but not less than in 1 day prior to covering gel polish. Duration socks of gel covering depends on set of factors and very important of them — your relation to marigold. When performing any houseworks — whether it be washing of ware or cleaning, surely put on gloves. Remember that your nails are not toothpick and not the screw-driver, not the opener and not scraper! You make thrifty use of covering and you are surprised how it is long possible to carry gel polish on nails. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team