As on marigold to draw with gel polish snow lodge

As on marigold to draw with gel polish snow lodge

The design of winter landscape difficult in appearance actually is carried out very easily and quickly. Such marigold looks very comfortably, unusually and will please the owners in severe winter icy cold.

It is required to you

  • - nail buffer
  • - primer
  • - base
  • - top
  • - gel polish of blue color ""Cat's Eye""
  • - white gel-paint without sticky layer
  • - microgloss or spangles of high milling
  • - thin brush
  • - klinser or other liquid for removal of stickiness
  • - rigid brush
  • The sample is shown on tipsa, but the description is given as this design becomes on nail.


1. Standardly we prepare nail. Nail buffer we remove gloss, we process primer, base and we dry in lamp. In two layers we apply color gel polish of blue color - ""Cat's Eye"". On each layer in upper part of nail we do by magnet patch of light. We dry each layer in lamp. We cover with top and again we dry. If top with stickiness, then we remove it klinser.

2. Béla gel-paint without sticky layer from free edge of nail we begin to draw snowdrift on the one hand.

3. On the other hand.

4. We finish drawing on the center.

5. If you worry that the hand can tremble and you will grease lines, then at this stage it is possible to powder the drawing with microgloss and to dry up in lamp. Rigid brush to brush away excess spangles.

6. We begin to trace lodge.

7. We add pipe and windows.

8. We draw fir-tree and month.

9. We add stars and snowflakes.

10. The ready design is powdered with microgloss and we dry in lamp. By rigid brush it is shaken superfluous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team