What face packs can be made of aloe

What face packs can be made of aloe

Face care is especially important during autumn and winter season, sensitive skin needs double feed by vitamins. Therefore it is better to prepare nutritious mixes independently - face packs from aloe have proved as one of the best means on protection against the approaching cold weather, restoration of the damaged sites of epidermis and saturation of tired cages oxygen.

Many store cream do not cope with the task, and sometimes cause allergic reactions: at incorrectly picked up means there are red, inflamed spots, eels or black dots, everything itches and is shelled, causing discomfort and painful feelings. It is dangerous to experiment, it is possible to provoke skin dermatitis, and dreams of silky, gentle skin will consign to the past. Having crossed thirty-year boundary, many girls cherish hope that miracle properties of creams will help to detain youth and to keep elasticity and shine for many years. You should not forget that miracles do not happen, and the result should achieve long.

How to define skin type

Before starting face care, it is necessary to know to what type your skin belongs. Be attentively looked in mirror:

  • Normal type: skin visually smooth, equal to the touch. There are no pimples, black dots, there are practically no mimic wrinkles;
  • Dry type: thin, white, as if wax, with pinkish shade. It is often shelled, reacts on winds and aromatic soap means, it is subject to frequent allergic rashes. If not to apply any cosmetics, wrinkles will be shown very much early;
  • Fat type: grayish shade, the deep, acting time, greasy luster;
  • The combined type: fat sites on forehead, nose, chin and at the same time dryness on cheekbones or around eyes. Meets most often.

It is rather simple to define type: put napkin on area of the person, wait 15 minutes. If napkin completely dry – your type – dry if there are fat traces, then fat. If spots are combined with dry sites – the combined type. It is possible to get more information from the cosmetologist – the expert will examine the damaged cells of epidermis special medicine dermatoskopy.

How to care for skin in house conditions

If you have decided not to buy cream in shop, there is worthy alternative – house masks which enjoy wide popularity not for nothing. The vitamin mixes prepared by the hands do not contain chemical additives and are completely natural. The only minus – cream are not subject to long storage and to see desirable effect, a lot of time will be required. But nothing is given just like that, and masks from aloe will be ideal for any type of skin.

The branchy plant of aloe contains essential oils, amino acids, vitamin E, In, With, pectin, oemodin, tannins, beta carotene (the main component of all creams against aging), cellulose, allantoin, and also possesses the wound healing, anti-inflammatory, biostimulating, antimicrobial action. Juice of aloe is capable to tighten the withering sites, to smooth small wrinkles, to tighten the inflamed scratches, to remove eels and to saturate with moisture dry zones. For fat type the return action works – the aloe will accurately dry all shining places. The painful dullness will be replaced by healthy flush, skin will become velvet, with opaque, peach outflow.

Masks on the basis of aloe are contraindicated because of individual intolerance or allergic reactions to plant. Apply 2-3 drops of juice on bend of elbow and wait 10 minutes. Do not use means during the reddening or inflammation of sites. Do not recommend to use recipes from aloe during pregnancy and in critical days.

Mask with aloe in house conditions

Base for masks with aloe – gel from medical pulp. Cut off 2-3 stalks of plant, wash out under flowing water, make longitudinal cuts and place in glass that all juice has flown down. In 20 minutes get stalks and collect by spoon pulp from cut, shift in glass capacity. Gel is removed in the fridge, added to nutritious mixes as required. Limit of storage of ready gel – 4 days. Juice can be used for lotions, masks.

Juice of plant is mixed 1 to 1 with dense cream, put on face, maintained 10 minutes, washed away.

Mix 1 tablespoon of juice of aloe from 2 tablespoons of buckwheat honey, apply on sites, you hold 15 minutes.

Add fresh strawberry of-1 piece, grapes oil teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of pulp of aloe, two the crushed circle of kiwi and sour cream tablespoon. Carefully mix mix, distribute on cheekbones, chin, forehead, accurately bypassing zone of eyes. In 25 minutes wash away mix warm water.

For elasticity, pulling up of flabby fabrics. Shake up nimbus one egg, mix from 2 tablespoons of pulp of aloe, teaspoon of oat flakes, lemon juice – 10 drops, sour creams – 1 tablespoon. Wash away mask in 15 minutes, humidify with children's balm.

Boil water, cool, dilute with plant juice. Fill in molds for ice, send to the deep freeze for day. Wipe face with massage movements in the mornings. If not to boil water for ice wipings, cubes will turn out muddy.

Mix 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese from one tablespoon of buckwheat honey and 2 tablespoons of juice of aloe. Is suitable for women aged. Keep mix of 15-20 minutes.

Wrap stalks of plant in foil, place in the fridge. In two weeks get stalks, squeeze out juice and mix with the pounded chicken yolk. The mask has the great rejuvenating effect.

Mix one teaspoon of juice of aloe with tablespoon of fat purchased cream and wheat germ oil (1 tablespoon), distribute mix on face, remove in 20 minutes with cotton tampon. The second stage: shake up 1 egg the mixer to foam, add salt, again put on face. Remove mask in 15 minutes.

Juice can be mixed with olive or vegetable oil. If desired in drugstore it is possible to buy peach, pumpkin, almond. House will approach – kindle butter tablespoon on water bath. Two tablespoons mix with 1 tablespoon of any oil and put for 30 minutes.

Crush 2-3 stalks of plant, add honey teaspoon, alcohol tablespoon, medical powder clay – 1 package and 2 tablespoons of grape oil. Carefully mix weight, distribute on face.

It is desirable to do face packs to not thicket of two times a week of aloe.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team