What hairbrush is better?

What hairbrush is better?

By means of hairbrush it is possible to untangle hair, to lay them, to help to create waves and curls. For combing, laying phenom or finishing works is necessary different devices. That hair always were in ideal order, buy two or three hairbrushes of various size and form - their choice depends on condition of your hair and hairstyles which you prefer.

Hairbrushes and brushes: what they happen

The choice of hairbrush depends on many factors - density and length of your hair, their texture, laying which you prefer. It is unlikely you will manage to be limited to one copy for all occasions. That hair always looked ideally, it is necessary to have at least two hairbrushes for every day: one it is worth holding houses, and to take another. Besides, laying accessories will be necessary for you.

For combing of thick hair hairbrushes with the long wide handle and rare teeths are necessary. It is desirable to choose models with the rounded-off teeths which do not scratch skin. For creation of piles crests with frequent cloves are necessary.

Very popular model - ergonomic hairbrush without handle which conveniently keeps within palm. It is equipped with cloves of different length from special plastic. The design of accessory allows to comb quickly hair of any density, both direct, and wavy. Besides, such hairbrush is suitable for laying of the damp and easily confused locks.

For carrying in handbag choose mini-models. It is the most convenient the folding accessories or hairbrushes complemented with case.

To stack bang and to do hair partings by conveniently thin hairbrush with frequent teeths. Such models usually have the long pointed handle which is used for forming of bunches and curls. Hairbrushes will help to create volume. Round models are necessary for laying - on them wind locks which then dry phenom. Flat brushes will be useful for priglazhivaniye or beating of curls. Choose models with internal small pillow from natural rubber which well removes static electricity.

The best materials for hairbrushes

Modern hairbrushes are produced from various plastics, tree, metal, bone. The choice of any given option depends on your personal preferences. If your hair are easily electrified, use the wooden hairbrushes made of birch, cedar, cypress or other breeds of wood. Such hairbrushes are durable, nice on the touch, inexpensive.

Having bought wooden hairbrush, protect it from water - under the influence of moisture the tree bursts.

The most available option - plastic hairbrushes. Soft bristles from nylon and other synthetic materials do not scratch skin, easily sliding on strips. Such hairbrushes are suitable for work with various staylingovy means and even hair-dyes. That the thing served long, wash it with warm water and you clean old toothbrush. With the thin, easily confused hair it is better for girls to avoid metal hairbrushes. They electrify locks, hairs are fluffy and become disobedient. Besides at continuous contact with metal your curls can begin to split. Hairbrushes from bone should be carried to expensive status accessories. Usually such models are beautifully trimmed, complemented with convenient cover. Bone accessories are very durable, easily wash warm water and make thrifty use of hair.

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