How to comb tangled hair

How to comb tangled hair

Care of hair – indispensable condition of finding of dense, magnificent head of hear. It is very important to comb correctly hair, without injuring them ill treatment.

How to comb hair

If you have problems with combing of hair, try to be engaged regularly in it lying. Settle down on bed or sofa, throw back the head back, lower it for edge. In such situation there is ideal blood circulation on the surface of the head, to roots of hair large amount of useful nutrients arrives. It promotes the active growth of hair and improvement of their quality.

Comb hair, beginning from nape. Accurately and slowly move ahead in all directions. Several minutes later pleasant heat in head skin has to appear. Movements of hairbrush have to be smooth – any breakthroughs. After you comb lock, carry out on it several times by palm. It is not necessary to comb hair "on speed", it will not bring benefit. Long hair should be combed at first on tips, at the same time do not tear up them, do not break off small knots. Hold lock of hair at the basis and it is accurate, patiently comb the ends.

You should not resort to grandmother's way, combing each lock on hundred times. If you have weakened or fine hair, similar practice most likely to them only will do much harm.

Than to untangle hair

Strongly tangled hair need to be combed after drawing the conditioner or the smoothing means. If they are absent near at hand, it is possible to untangle and comb hair after washing, they still damp so far. But do not abuse it as water does hair and head skin too vulnerable for temperature and mechanical influences. For more effective combing use hairbrush with strong rare teeth. Always first of all untangle tips, and then "rise" up lock. Correctly picked up hairbrush simplifies combing of hair. Bad brushes and crests destroy structure of hair, do them fragile. The wrong hairbrushes can form small knots on tips hair, confuse and electrify hair.

If you cannot comb hair independently, address the friend or the expert. If hair are confused very strongly, try to replace shampoo.

The hairbrushes made of natural materials are considered as the best. Wooden or bone crests, brushes with rigid natural bristle. Such hairbrushes under no circumstances do not save statics, do not contain unpleasant impurity and are completely eco-friendly.

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