How to cut out a circle

How to cut out a circle

This business seems elementary what here to think of? But accurate people do any trifles with soul. It helps them to achieve success and in big projects. Through cutting a circle it is possible to cultivate in itself valuable qualities of successful people.


1. Pay attention that the circle was well prepared for cutting. It has to be located on equal paper. And its edges have to be accurately visible. If the black circle is drawn on a dark blue background, will exactly cut out it is problematic. In case of any difficulties prepare other circle for cutting.

2. Take good scissors. They have to be rather ground to cut through paper or cardboard on which the circle is located. Make several trial cuts with edge. If there are several scissors, choose the most convenient.

3. Make sure that you get to work in quiet mood. If someone shouted at you and you are nervous, postpone work for other time better. If you just did physical exercises and at you from tension of muscles hands shiver a little, also put cutting a circle away for later.

4. Ensure good illumination of a workplace. It you show care of safety of sight. If you hold scissors in the right hand, then light has to fall at the left. Then the shadow from scissors will not close from you circle border.

5. Think in advance as you will react if phone suddenly rings out or you will distract something else from work. You work with the cutting tool therefore let's themselves installation - not to dart off instantly.

6. Get to work and execute it accurately and quickly.

7. Check the end result and think whether it is necessary to correct any errors further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team