What hairstyle will approach long dress

What hairstyle will approach long dress

The girl in long dress looks is womanly and is elegant. However under dress in floor the image happens very difficult to pick up. The main difficulties arise with hairstyle, it is necessary to consider both effective dress, and the general style of ensemble.


  1. Modern girls wear long dresses also in everyday life, and on solemn occasions. Making image, many deliberate long time over hairstyle. To avoid long collecting, listen to the general recommendations of stylists.
  2. The long dress and correctly picked up laying are capable to change image of the girl cardinally. If you differ in low growth, surely raise hair. The hairstyle has to begin from the top and can go down gradually strictly down. For example, the braid with volume top or cascade from curlies will approach. If you decide to expand it, laying can negatively affect appearance, having visually made you is thicker.
  3. Girls of high growth even with long dress can carry flowing hair. However it is better to bring together a little them, for example, having pinned up several locks behind. If you want the image to have turned out more festive, do low bunch or hair in the Greek style.
  4. When choosing hairstyle to long dress the best reference points are celebrities. They face this problem very often, on many actions there is certain dress code. Selecting laying to long evening dress, look narrowly at successful star ensembles.
  5. For high ladies Angelina Jolie will serve as fine reference point. Most often with long dress the actress carries flowing hair. However they do not dangle just like that, and are carefully laid. For example, are combed above and cast away back. Or are twirled by large curls and are divided into asymmetric hair parting. However branded hairstyle of Jolie: strong pile, several subcurled locks along the person and other hair which are pinned up behind. Part of them the actress has on one shoulder.
  6. Other example – Gwyneth Paltrow. The famous girl differs in very distinguished taste and is famous for dislike for radical experiments. To long dress the actress selects very simple hairstyles. For example, ideally straight flowing hair divided by equal hair parting. Other option: slightly curled slightly ends. Obligatory moment: hair have to fall as behind, on back, and in front.
  7. If your growth not really high, look narrowly what hairstyles are chosen to long dresses by Jessica Alba. Most often the girl can be seen with highly taken away hair. It or high pile and accurately pinned up hair, or stylish bunch with asymmetrically located bang. Such hairstyles will be suitable both for evening, and for daily image.
  8. Also the actress Eva Longoria differs in small growth. To look higher, the girl carries magnificent heels with long dresses and also does competent hair. Besides high bunches, the actress very much loves usual horse tail. That it looked elegantly, in front hair need to be combed carefully, and to hide elastic band, having wound with small lock. Such hairstyle with long dress it will be delightful to look both on ideally direct, and on slightly curled hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team