What hairstyle will suit you

What hairstyle will suit you

There is a wish to replace hairstyle so that it suited us. How to campaign to the hairdresser to learn what hairstyle will well look? It is possible to use selection of options of hairstyle for face type.

What face type will suit any given hairstyle? In total stylists allocate five various types. Square, oval, extended, triangular and round.

Square face

  • At your face type it is better to avoid short hairstyles.
  • Try to give to your hair volume look on the top and temples. Use hair curlers, when laying phenom use round nozzles.
  • The option which is most suitable for you is hairstyle with the curls which are magnificently laid on sides of face. And divide hair from forehead parting at the side or comb back.
  • The recommended length of hair for you – below chin.
  • You should not carry the hair collected in bunch back. Do not open ears, you carry parting in the middle.

Oval face

The most universal face type. You will suit hair of any length. Multilayer hairstyles and short flights of stairs are not recommended. Ideal option for you are long hair.

Longish face

  • Try that hair had volume on temples. When laying phenom, use large nozzles. Also suitable effect can be gained by means of large hair curlers.
  • You should not carry let hair down since it will visually even more extend the person. You will suit short hairstyle with bang and also the hair of average length which are volume laid at chin.
  • The best option for this face type is the hairstyle without hair parting with asymmetric lines.

Triangular face

  • Length of hair to the middle of cheeks will be the most suitable.
  • Stylists do not recommend you short hairstyles and also hairstyles with curled it is necessary forehead hair. Also you should not create volume on temples.
  • To women with this face type hairstyles with bang will go. The hair twisted and styled in chin will look also advantageously.

Round face

  • You will suit such options of hairstyles when hair are taken away from face. Do not close hair eye, forehead and ears.
  • Hairstyles with the hair raised on the top will be able visually to change such shape of face. Also to you short hair will go, at such laying when on temples the hair look plainly, and from above there will be pile.
  • The most suitable length of hair for you is twenty-thirty centimeters.
  • Try to avoid flat and also excessively volume laying. You do not suit the hair and hairstyles which are smoothly combed on the parties with parting in the middle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team