What is bronzer

What is bronzer

Today the opinion on negative impact of beams of the sun on skin of the person has become widespread enough. It sets thinking: and whether it is worth going to sunbathe on the beach or in sunbed? There are many alternatives of UV-to radiation, for example, lotions and sprays, but for receiving more dark shade of the person there can sometimes be enough one bronzer. So, what is this means and what nuances of its choice and use are available.

What types of bronzer exist

Bronzer represents cosmetic which the painting pigment (bronzant) contains and it is applied to skin for giving of shade of easy suntan to it.

Also there is bronzer with so-called reflective particles. It is applied to evening actions, giving to shine to the face.

Bronzer - one of the best means for masking of any small shortcomings. With its help it is possible to hide the bothered freckles, to allocate cheekbones and to hide the second chin. Besides, its use is recommended to owners of pale skin, with it is not difficult to give to the face the healthy and more sunbathed look at all.

Most often this means can be met in tubes and powder boxes as bronzer has liquid and dry structure. The most not widespread is the form of stik. Such product is got much less often as he demands skills of drawing and consequently he, suits professional makeup artists more. It is worth meaning that for each type of skin there is the most suitable bronzer. For example, owners of oily skin should look narrowly at friable type of this cosmetic which not only gives effect of suntan, but also matts skin, hiding characteristic grease gloss. Girls with dry face skin will suit creamy bronzer which not only will moisturize the skin, but also will protect it from peeling in cold season.

Choice of bronzer of suitable color

If you have wanted to buy to yourself bronzer, you should not take the first means which will come to hand in shop. Despite popular belief that by default this product has brown color the shade should be selected under skin color of the person. If it has light shade, it is necessary to pay attention to beige tone. Makeup artists advise women with swarty skin chocolate shades.

Putting bronzer on skin

On the street it is quite often possible to see girls at whom one part of the face is slightly more dark another. That it did not happen to you, you should not apply bronzer in large number, trying to obtain effect of shadow. Surely shade means that the tone of skin looked naturally.

Contours perpendicular to chin have to be carefully shaded.

Besides, follow several simple rules: 1. Bronzer should be applied on area of cheekbones in the form of letter C, without bringing brush to lips at all. After shading add a little means along the line of growth of hair, 2. If it is necessary to narrow visually nose, apply means on its side parts, so-called wings.3. Do not forget to pay also attention to zone of decollete and neck, otherwise transition will be very noticeable, and your make-up will begin to look unnaturally. 4. To give to the face effect of shine, over bronzer cause small amount of highlighter or pink powder. With their help it is necessary to paint over a little upper part of cheekbones, chin and the middle of forehead. Thus, it is possible to draw conclusion that bronzer, as well as foundation, is capable to emphasize advantages and to hide skin shortcomings. However they should not replace tone means, otherwise the person will become brown color. Also you do not put bronzer on clean face - previously use base under make-up. So dyes of this cosmetic will not do harm to your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team