How to increase the growth

How to increase the growth

Part of people does not arrange the growth. To reduce it, of course? it will not be possible. However there are many ways to increase it. Even the adult until its cartilaginous layers have stiffened, can continue to grow.


  1. Growth directly depends on heredity. If parents low, then hardly their child is tall. However at healthy nutrition and development growth can become slightly more, than has been predetermined at the genetic level. First of all to grow up, rationally and in due time eat. Daily consume products rich with calcium. Every evening surely eat 100-200 grams of cottage cheese. Include in diet fish, seafood, meat, eggs. Try to accept polyvitaminic complexes. Production of hormone of growth is stimulated in the basic by two vitamins: With and E. If you begin to accept regularly them, then concentration of this hormone in your organism will increase by 20-25%. The day dose for vitamin C makes 150 mg., for vitamin E of 100 mg. In complex with them you can accept vitamin P (nicotinic acid).
  2. For increase in growth there are many sports complexes. To choose the most suitable and effective for itself, address the expert. He will make the individual program which will influence your gaps. Carry out exercises diligently 1-2 times a day. It is necessary to do it during the long period of time. All exercises strengthen and stretch backbone.
  3. There are some possible exercises. 1. You hang on horizontal bar. And gradually add cargo on legs. But it is necessary to carry out this exercise no more than 10-15 minutes. If you hang for hours, then will achieve boomerang effect. Intervertebral disks will get still big density, and as a result will become not capable to stretching and flexibility.2. To thorax tighten chin. Then shoulders. Be bent forward. Stand for 6-8 seconds. Be curved back for the same time. Carry out this exercise in each party on 20 time.3. Get up directly, hands on seams, legs at shoulder length. Do inclinations serially to the right - to the left. Try to reach hands to foot.4. Sit down on floor. You watch that the back was ideally equal. Bend forward. Then stretch nape to tailbone. In each situation be late for 6-8 seconds. In total execute 10 inclinations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team