What male beauty consists in

What male beauty consists in

men are loved by women? The answer to this question ambiguous – different. And still there is certain type of male beauty which affects almost all women.


  1. To follow the fashion – business tiresome and ungrateful. Therefore women, kind of they experimented with the appearance, practically never create canons for male beauty. Both thin botanists, and brutal machoes with week bristle or polished socialites in tuxedo can attract girls.
  2. Beauty of men eyes of the woman is seldom measured by growth, hair color and section of eyes. Any guy, even possessing proportional body of Apollo, has low chances of success at opposite sex if he is slovenly.
  3. To be beautiful in the opinion of women, it is necessary to be well-groomed. Clean hair, skin and nails are law. In the same way the man needs to watch the clothes.
  4. Of course, the proud owner of beer stomach seldom is attractive in the opinion of girls. Therefore the man should be engaged in the body.
  5. And still male beauty mostly is defined by internal qualities, than external. The woman needs attention, sincere admiration, understanding and support. If the man looks for one million dollars, but at the same time cannot tear off look from the reflection, the lady in 99 cases from 100 will give preference to the modest guy who with admiration looks at her, but not in mirror. From this it is possible to draw conclusion that self-satisfied baboons have no appeal in the opinion of women.
  6. Besides, beauty of men eyes of the woman depends on its success and commitment. It is not obligatory to be the millionaire, but to firmly see the purpose and constantly it is just necessary to take actions for its achievement. It is unlikely the girl will be subdued in the days by the man lying at the TV and idling, whatever handsome he was in physical sense.
  7. Very much paint men good manners. The courageous, but not rough behavior, is capable to subdue the most unapproachable woman. Expression of respect for opposite sex – bright sign of personal full value, excellent education and warm relationship in family. If mother has imparted to the son careful attitude to women, so between them trusting relationship. It has huge weight in the opinion of the potential wife.
  8. To be attractive to women, it is impossible to be the egoist. But also you should not indulge any whims. It is necessary to behave so that not to humiliate the girl, but also most not to lose advantage. Then the mutual respect will become the satellite of the relations that will help to resolve any conflicts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team