What there is beauty of the girl of

What there is beauty of the girl of

Practically any girl dreams to become the beauty when grows. And what she, the real beauty and what allocates it from great number of other girls? Whether there are some distinctive signs on which it is possible to distinguish really beautiful young lady with confidence?

It is not so simple to mark out uniform criteria according to which the woman is considered (or it is not considered) beauty. Nevertheless certain regularities after all are traced. Beauty consists of some features of appearance and behavior of the woman.

External aspects of beauty of the girl

Regular features, high cheekbones, porcelain-white skin, equal teeth and chubby sponges – all this is fine, but at all not necessarily has to be at the girl who is considered beautiful. Sometimes the special charm of the young lady is given by light imperfections of her appearance: freckles, snub-nosed nose, slightly hitched up upper lip. More important ukhozhennost of the girl and how it watches over the health and appearance. The equal skin without inflammations and peelings which is slightly touched by suntan, healthy teeth, the clean styled hair – here distinctive signs of the beauty.

Other feature of appearance of really beautiful girl is good figure. Not necessarily its parameters have to equal notorious 90-60-90, but waist measurement nevertheless should not be to approximately equal measurements of bust and hips. That girl who does not neglect sport is anyway beautiful – she has fine-molded silhouette, and muscles are in tone. Besides, at the young lady who is on friendly terms with sport most often pride bearing and light elastic step that favourably allocates her from crowd. The beautiful girl can be dressed rather modestly, but with taste. At all not necessarily she carries things from relevant fashionable collections, but each subject of clothes of such girl emphasizes its advantages and allows not to focus attention on small shortcomings of appearance. Whatever one may do, all people have them, each of us nevertheless is not ideal. If the girl is not able to afford expensive jewelry, also the jewelry, but only high quality can emphasize its style.

As the beautiful girl behaves

That that lays claim to the beauty, cannot just be haughty and cold. Such girl is polite and friendly with all – both with acquaintances, and with unfamiliar. Even by chance the met people necessarily admire her. She goes on life smiling, and her warmth is enough for all. Often happens that the girl does not correspond to classical canons of beauty. But if at the same time she behaves as the beauty, then people around do not doubt its exclusive appeal. In other words, self-confidence and positive spirit – here the main composed beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team