How to define the girl's type

How to define the girl's type

In the nature there are no repetitions therefore each woman is unique. To define type of appearance of the girl, it is necessary to know her hair color and skin at least. Contrary to common opinion of tsvetotip not so four, but whole six.


  1. Tsvetotip is warm and cold. Besides, everyone them them is subdivided into light, dark and average.
  2. Natural blondes with skin of pink or peach shade treat cold light type. Characteristic feature of their appearance is the blue shade of veins. Skin of girls of similar tsvetotip very gentle, in the sun reminds color of coffee with milk. Conditionally such type is called "summer".
  3. Natural brown-haired women and bluish-black brunettes with bluish pale skin and light eyes treat dark cold type. Veins at them, as well as at cold blondes, blue. Skin is inclined to fast reddening in the sun, slowly sunbathes. In the people the type is called "winter". The average type of appearance of the girl with bias in cold can have distinctive features of both light, and dark look.
  4. Eyes and tsvetotip have direct link. Carry blondes or light brown-haired women to warm light look, mainly with brown eyes and olive shade of skin. On frost they, unlike girls of light cold type, turn pale, but do not redden. Their veins have greenish shade. They also quickly burn down, becoming covered by bronze-reddish suntan. Still such tsvetotip carries the name "spring".
  5. Brunettes with classical anthracitic hair color, dark eyes and swarty skin treat dark warm type. Possess greenish veins. In the sun their skin does not burn down, quickly getting beautiful and resistant chocolate shade. The women belonging to average warm type are allocated with signs of appearance of warm brunettes and blondes. Besides, their hair can have reddish shade. Both of these tsvetotip can be carried to "fall".
  6. Sometimes to define the type by eye can be difficult. Quicker to orient, arm with some objects. For example, put on one hand of ornament from gold, and the second of silver. Standing in front of the mirror, in turn you bring them to the person, defining what precious metal more to you goes.
  7. It is also possible to make experiment in fabric. Tie nape hair, having taken away bang (if it is) under rim. On one shoulder hang up new snow-white fabric, and on the second – same, only washed, yellowish. If the person looks against the background of the first material, so at you cold type better. If against the background of the second – warm.
  8. Eyes and tsvetotip are interconnected too. Usually girls who have bluish proteins treat cold type of appearance. Availability of yellowish proteins speaks about warm type.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team