How to collect an oscillograph by the hands

How to collect an oscillograph by the hands

At laboratory of the radio fan surely there has to be a device under the name an oscillograph, it is intended for the analysis of work of electronic schemes and also for definition of malfunction in electrical circuits. However such device not to everyone will be on a pocket to solve this problem, it is possible to collect an oscillograph by the hands, having spent a minimum of means.

To assemble the digital measuring device even for the experienced radio fan not always of idle time a task. But the situation cardinally changes if for creation of such difficult device as an oscillograph to use the standard personal computer.

For what it is necessary?

Before collecting an oscillograph by the hands, it is worth understanding for what it in general is necessary. The electronic oscillograph is used both on production, and in life. Its basic purpose – the analysis of work of electronic schemes. It will define malfunction in electrical circuits, will measure an indicator of the entering potential, will create protection, will provide management of all technological processes and will not allow nonfunctional idle time of the electric equipment.

Assembly of the device – what is required?

All work on assembly comes down to creation of an attenuator, i.e. tension divider which allows to control some range of tension. Other function is a protection of an entrance against frequent fluctuations and differences of electric current. It will be necessary for you: - laptop; - scheme of an oscillograph; - interface program for recognition of entrance impulses; - audiocard. Use the standard scheme of the adapter. Establish an adjustable divider (audiocard) on one of analog entrances of the used device. For restriction of level of entrance tension use the stabilizer. Protection against an overstrain can be made by installation before an entrance of the sound card protective stabilitrons. Connect analog entrances to microprocessor entrances. Having placed an adapter payment in the metal casing, think over about grounding.

Principle of action and application

In entrance chains of the dividing audiocard which you will use for the purpose of creation of an oscillograph there is a dividing condenser. He allows to watch on the monitor a variable of a signal and by means of an oscillograph to measure its level. The electronic device will help to carry out independent repair of various audio equipment, and to use setup of audio equipment in the educational purposes. It is often used for high-quality creation of an epyura for websites.

And finally

These data will be prompted how to collect an oscillograph by the hands without special difficulties. It will help you to regulate work of simple electronic schemes. But there are also other more labor-consuming ways which will lead to complication of the described electroinstallation, but will increase its speed and functionality. In the computer special payments are established, use parallel port, the LF virtual generator and other additional devices which finally will allow to carry out processing of entrance signals at more difficult level.

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