What to do if face skin was weather-beaten

What to do if face skin was weather-beaten

Practically everyone knows that such weather-beaten face, lips and hands. It happens both in the winter and in the flying. Strong wind, dry air and sun. In the union these three elements can thoroughly spoil appearance and do harm to skin.

Do you have signs of windburn

Before beginning treatment or recovery procedures, it is necessary to be convinced that this crusting. In certain cases there is similarity to burn. Pay attention to such signs as:

  • reddening of skin with painful feelings;
  • the watering eyes;
  • the centers of peeling and coarsening (most often on nose and cheeks);
  • microcracks;
  • feeling of sdavlennost of integuments;
  • appearance of rash or blisters.

It is necessary to save skin even if this simple crusting. At high extent of defeat the treatment is appointed only by the dermatologist.

How to reanimate skin in house conditions

There are several effective councils and ways of the help in this situation:

  • do not use hot water for washing at all;
  • refuse aggressive detergents;
  • right after the water procedures apply the nutritious or moisturizing cream;
  • refuse alcohol and coffee for a while;
  • use juice and water for regeneration of integuments;
  • cream you make procedures of moistening each hour;
  • do not use srubs;
  • accept in food vitamin E (nuts, vegetable oil, olives, milk);
  • gently massage lips the honey applied on toothbrush.

How to avoid crusting

Following simple rules, you will be able to protect yourself and relatives from discomfort of defeat of integuments.

Most often the face and hands are subject to impact of wind. If your skin dry, use gloves, shawls, scarfs. Each accessory on suitable season.

Snow has properties to reflect ultraviolet within 80%. Cover chin and neck. Gentle skin will not suffer.

Use the moisturizing and protective creams. Protective cream needs to be applied for hour to exit to open air. Apply lip balm at least once an hour. Do not lick lip.

You breathe through nose. At breath the mouth injures lips.

Take care of hands. Process hands nutritious cream in 30 minutes prior to exit to the street. Systematically massage.

As prevention use masks on the basis of olive or sea-buckthorn oils. Will perfectly prepare skin for stressful situations grass and fruit masks. Will be especially effective - with addition of apples.

This misfortune usually passes through week. If the state does not improve, then the campaign to the doctor is necessary. Implementing these recommendations, you will be able to avoid crusting and to rejoice to any weather!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team