What useful to itself can be made during the summer

What useful to itself can be made during the summer

love summer. And our organism too it, as a rule loves: it is a lot of sun, fruit and if carries, then also the seas! However the summer is not only time of pleasure and rest, but also fine opportunity to improve the state of health. When at us on tables can fresh fruit and vegetables from own sites, well or at least from sites of the grandmothers trading in the market appear? It is better and better, than foreign bottle-fed babies. Let's look what else useful we can make for ourselves!

Besides global vitaminization of organism, we can put also with little effort in order body if have not managed to make it before season. And here before us the chasm of opportunities opens!

First, campaigns on shish kebabs. Also it is not necessary to laugh, it is possible not to roll in shadow, eating one by one pieces of meat, and to replace them with the fish and vegetables on grill and playing volleyball! Do not you love volleyball? Then tennis, soccer, swimming if nearby is where to bathe. The main thing not to be lazy, and to move, move and to move once again. If too hot - arrange water fight: water each other with cool water from special guns or usual bottles. It is possible to use also heavy artillery - buckets. Thus you will kill the whole herd of hares at once: you will burn calories, you will bring up all groups of muscles, have fun, cooled and you will reduce stress!

Secondly, if you suddenly are not on vacation, then after work go to walk. If the house is waited by children and the soulmate, it is better for those - be enough them with yourself and go to conquer new lands. And here the set of bonuses, besides destruction of calories is concealed too: it is not necessary to prepare so and to wash the dishes as obviously somewhere you will run to have a bite or you will have supper fruit; you will spend time alone with yourself or with the family, in each case pluses are obvious and do not need explanation; you will have a rest from routine work-house-work, and it is already almost holiday! In the third, in the flying in the cities the set of events, such as openeyra, exhibitions in the open air, various masterklassa is held. Choose those which are interesting to you or about what you know nothing, and visit them. Expansion of outlook, acquaintance to interesting people, improvement or acquisition of various skills - here what irreparable advantage can put you such summer pastime. And it besides normalization of weight, all these actions are rather energy-intensive.

Well and finally - do charity work. In process of forces, of course. It can be the help of pets to nurseries or orphanages, both material, and physical. Perhaps you decide to help with kitchen garden to the old woman neighbor that is too remarkable way to create kindly. The good deeds made disinterestedly do the person happier. And happy people - the healthiest!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team