Whether it is worth avoiding mineral oil as a part of cosmetics? We discredit myths

Whether it is worth avoiding mineral oil as a part of cosmetics? We discredit myths

cosmetics and first of all cream contain mineral oil in the structure. Long decades this component is applied to production of industrial cosmetics, however have started talking several flyings ago about harm of mineral oil which it allegedly renders to our skin. Whether this is true or it is the next myth in the world of cosmetics? Let's try to understand.

All know that as on face and body leaving, and on hair care various oils contain the majority of products in structure. In terms of nutritious properties vegetable oils, but problem that they very quickly spoil and demand addition in cosmetic products of chemical components are the most useful. In turn large amount of preservatives as a part of product does not bring benefit too, and can do essential harm on the contrary.

Mineral oil due to the origin (product of processing of oil fractions) long time does not turn rancid and is less expensive, than vegetable oils. Many are frightened that this oil turns out from oil products. However It should be noted that it comes to cosmetics not in pure form, and by careful processing and cleaning of kontseragen. Especially as some types of mineral oil, for example, vaseline are parts even of that cosmetics which is intended for children's skin care.

If to speak about direct impact on skin, then on the moistening properties mineral oil does not concede to the rest at all. But here it does not give food to skin as is not absorbed and remains on surface. At the expense of it on skin the invisible film which on the one hand passes oxygen in skin less is created, but with another interferes with hit in it toxic substances.

It is very often possible to meet opinion that the cosmetic products containing mineral oil are komedogenny and by that provoke inflammations. It is impossible to tell that this true statement. Mineral oil on the characteristics is a little fatter, than vegetable oils therefore if skin problem and inclined to appearance of acne rash, then cosmetics with its availability in structure really it is necessary to avoid. However for skin of this kind and any other oils can not approach and render the same reaction. In general scientists claim that mineral oils are not among kamedogenny and if cause reaction on skin, then it only individual. 

It should be noted that now producers try to add to cosmetic products along with mineral oils various grass infusions, extracts and other vegetable components to reduce the fat content of product and to prevent clogging of time. Among positive characteristics of mineral oil the hypoallergenicity is noted. It is really not capable to cause allergic reaction on skin therefore and it is authorized to use around the world and even in children's cosmetic products.

Summing up the result, there is a wish to tell that everyone is free to choose cosmetics on the basis of the personal preferences. If you are confused by not plant origin of mineral oil or those rumors which about it soar, it is better to refuse its application. In general, there are no really confirmed data which would confirm harm mineral oil, rendered to our skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team