Why at the girl stomach hair can grow

Why at the girl stomach hair can grow

Almost each girl faces problem of undesirable hair. But what to do if hair have begun to appear on stomach? Someone resorts to cosmetology procedures for their removal, and someone uses folk remedies. But at first it is necessary to understand the reason of their emergence.

The hirsutism is disease at which at women hair on men's type begin to grow. It is not white down, hair dark, rigid and long. Appearance of this disease is the investigation of other problems in organism, for example, excess of the produced men's hormones. Treatment is appointed only by the doctor-endocrinologist and will not save from emergence of new hair, and will only slow down their growth. It is impossible to self-medicate at all as it can lead to serious hormonal failures in organism.

The genetic predisposition can become other reason of emergence of hair on stomach in girls. Brunettes and girls of east nationalities are most often inclined to this problem. The only way of fight against hair is their removal.

Also undesirable hair can appear during pregnancy. It is connected with change of hormonal background of the woman because of excess of progesterone which promotes deduction of fruit in uterus, preventing its rejection, and helps uterus to be prepared for childbirth.

Ways of removal of undesirable hair there is the whole set, and each girl can choose that which suits her. If not really there is a lot of hair, then they can be clarified. This process will help to make hair less noticeable, without deleting them. For clarification it is possible to use the blond-dyes clarifying cream or hydrogen peroxide. If to use hydrogen peroxide, then it is necessary to wipe with it the problem place several times a day. You should not wait for result after the first procedure, but after a while hair will become fair and imperceptible. The easiest way of disposal of undesirable hair is shaving. This simple solution, but not so long-term, in several days the hair will appear in the form of unpleasant and prickly bristle again. Especially shaving is fraught with irritation therefore it is worth using special creams after shaving. One of the most painful ways is removal of hair by means of wax strips. It is possible to use them only when hair reach certain length as before strip will not be able just to take hair. It is quite disease process therefore it is better to ask for the help the professional in salon. The most expensive way of removal of hair is the laser epilation. This procedure is carried out only by the professional in salon. Process is quite labor-intensive as from the first hair will not disappear, and it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times, at the same time letting grow hairs to certain length. For today removal of hair not problem, the main thing to understand the reason of their emergence in time.

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