Why in the winter dry skin

Why in the winter dry skin

Significant changes during the winter period are undergone by skin of the person. It becomes drier and sensitive. For this reason in the winter skin requires more careful care and requires special attention.

Reasons of dry skin in the winter

It is known, than air temperature is lower, that the humidity is less. If decrease in humidity happens on the street for only a few percent, then indoors from the beginning of heating season it decreases up to 20%. And it is 3 times less than norm. For this reason during the winter period skin becomes drier.

You should not forget also that any washing cosmetic, as a rule, is alkaline. You should not purify with the owner of dry type of skin skin by means of usual toilet soap. It dries body even more. Give preference to soft cosmetics.

In general during the winter period try to moisturize the skin as often as possible.

One of factors of dryness of skin is also general dehydration of organism. That to support the level of moisture content at optimum level, it is necessary to watch amount of the consumed liquid regularly. Experts recommend to drink within a day 1.5-2 liters of the peeled still water. Cold too, undoubtedly, influences condition of skin. At exit to frost there is spazmirovaniye of vessels of skin. At the same time work of sebaceous glands slows down, circulation of microblood, traffic of vessels is broken.

Dry skin care in the winter

In 1 hour prior to exit to frost it is necessary to apply to skin any cosmetics which part water is (for example, the moisturizing foundation). Also during the winter period the experts recommend to use nutritious creams since morning. And in the evening the dry and sensitive skin of body needs to be moisturized, knowing that you do not go outside any more. To food and clarification of skin it is possible to apply natural lotion. For its preparation it is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of flowers of camomile and 1 tablespoon of flowers of linden. The received mix is filled in with boiled milk. Infusion has to settle within 30 minutes. After that it needs to be filtered. The milk is ready to application.

Store this cosmetic in the refrigerator no more than 2 days.

The peeling peelings and srubs dry skin during the winter period even more. For this reason qualified specialists recommend to carry out fermental peeling at this time. Such procedure deeply and softly purifies skin, without making mechanical impact. Experts recommend to include in winter time in procedures for leaving biorevitalization with use of hyaluronic acid. This acid is the best humidifier today. Such procedure eliminates wrinkles, increases elasticity of skin and restores water reserve.

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