Why nails ridge

Why nails ridge

Sometimes the condition of nail plate can demonstrate availability of some disease. Nails acquire ridge structure both due to internal changes, and as a result of external influence.

Violations of cardiovascular and respiratory systems can cause ribbing. Similar changes happen also because of problems with thyroid gland and also iron deficiency anemia. Damages and injuries of nail bed, respiratory diseases, diabetes, influence of some drugs and toxins and also diseases of digestive tract can also promote formation of ridge surface on nails.

Nails can become ridge because of improper feeding, at shortage in keratin organism. It happens because of insufficient amount of vitamin B in organism, the small use of water - less than 2 liters a day. Besides the stated reasons, in organism there can be lack of vitamins, such as selenium and vitamin A.

Violation of plate can arise because of mechanical damage during the procedure of cut manicure. For example, at inaccurate moving away of cuticle it is possible to bring infection which will provoke ribbing.

Pay attention to arrangement of crests - it can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical edges of nail represent the ridges located from cuticle to nail tip and, as a rule, are not symptom of disease. Absolutely ugly horizontal edges which evenly last along nail from one its party on another look. Try to prepare salt nail baths daily not less than 15 days in a row. For this purpose dissolve 1 tablespoon of usual or sea salt in small bowl, add several drops of lemon juice, iodine or oil solution of vitamin A to the received liquid and lower in it finger-tips for 20 minutes. After that apply to skin around nails nutritious cream or oil for cuticle. The ridge surface of nail can be physiological feature, in this case treatment is not necessary. Include in daily diet more greens, pomegranates, buckwheat, carrots, melon, red meat. At constant coloring of nails do not use liquids for removal of means which contain acetone. Nails have to have a rest periodically, at this time they should be humidified and covered with special protective structure which can be got in drugstore. The fungus or eczema can be one more reason of damage of nail plate. In this case the itch of skin and reddening around nail is observed. In that case address the dermatologist, he will appoint to you treatment.

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