Why shreds hair drop out: What should I do?

Why shreds hair drop out: What should I do?

Before panicing, it is necessary to remember that loss up to 100 hair a day is considered norm. Besides, in the winter and in the fall the hair is lost much more. Therefore for a start analyze situation. However, if the number of the hair which have dropped out in day much more exceeds norm or, it is worse than that, hair have begun to drop out scraps, it is worth thinking seriously.

Use of low-quality shampoo is the most common cause of hair loss. It is connected with the fact that in the course of production various chemicals are often used. Someone's curls quietly react to them, and at others hair begin to drop out. The group of products of bad quality includes also counterfeit shampoos, i.e. the usual fakes disappearing under logo of the known trade brand.

Keep in mind that the shampoo is cheaper, the risk that at its structure there are heavy chemical components which cause hair loss is more.

The hair loss can be provoked by lack of vitamins. Especially it is relevant at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Also various diets because of which people often lose huge amount of the vitamins and minerals necessary for health of head of hear can be the cause of shortage of useful substances.

It is difficult to find the woman who is not dyeing hair. However hair-dye is based on the chemical components providing firmness of color. Rare coloring of curls will not do special harm, but if to make this procedure often, then not to avoid problems with hair.

Use of modern electric devices for hair dressing such as curling iron, hair dryer, iron, etc., does huge harm to hair. If you the lover of difficult hairstyles, then is necessary hair especially hard, as a result, their loss begins. The stress plays also not the last role in loss of hair. It can be emotional overloads, experiences, physical overfatigue and chronic sleep debt. In stressful situation there is stop of growth of hair follicles, at the same time the head of hear begins to thin, but not at once, and after a while therefore it is often difficult to define what has caused loss of hair. The infectious processes happening in organism have negative impact on condition of hair. It is possible to carry SARS, ORZ, flu, pneumonia, etc. to such diseases. Most often, after recovery the problem disappears by itself. In this case all efforts should be concentrated on treatment of the disease which has been the reason of hair loss. Hormonal failures, with increase in androgens are fraught with loss of hair and even baldness. Incorrectly picked up hormonal contraceptives therefore it is necessary to approach their choice very attentively can sometimes become the cause of hormonal failure. Besides, the imbalance of hormones can be caused by other reasons therefore it is desirable to make tests. The problem of hair loss needs to be solved at once after its emergence. First of all, try to establish its reason since, without knowing it, to choose way of treatment very difficult. While it was not succeeded to establish the causes of hair loss, take some measures: change shampoo, refuse use of various cosmetics (paint, varnish, skin, conditioner etc.), stop using for a while the hair dryer, the curling iron, etc., do not create difficult laying, try not to load hair.

Let hair down more often houses to provide to the head good ventilation and to avoid tension of hair.

Growth of hair is promoted by good blood-groove. It is possible to normalize it by means of regular massage. Clasp the head with fingers and make them the massing and rotating movements, smoothly moving from temples to the center. Try to be nervous and worry as little as possible if it is difficult to make it independently, address for consultation the expert or begin to take the soothing drugs. It is very important to eat properly. If you keep to diet – urgently refuse it. Try to eat healthy food, vitamin-rich and microelements. Eat not less than three times a day, drink more liquid. Improvement and growth of hair are promoted by vitamins C, E, F and also iron and zinc. It is useful to accept polyvitaminic complexes. If the head of hear thins in the eyes, surely see doctor, and the earlier you will make it, the better. Do not forget, the you will lose the bigger number of hair, the more difficult then to recover them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team