Assessment of work of the beginning copywriter

Assessment of work of the beginning copywriter

Assessment of work of a beginner and the experienced copywriter — a question very ticklish and burning. It infringes on the interests of two parties at once — the customer and the performer. The customer wants good texts to be written as it is possible cheaper, and the copywriter expects to receive as much as possible for the creation. And if people who spent a certain amount of time in this profession already decided on the cost of the services, then, beginners or are lost when they are asked about prices, or at once agree with what to them is offered by the customer.

How assessment of work of the beginning copywriter is formed?

On the Internet of the meeting place of customers and copywriters are the exchanges. They determine the price range in which the beginning masters of the text work. Rather traditional market relations act on the exchanges. High level of the competition between performers generates such phenomenon as dumping or fight of copywriters against competitors by means of reduction of prices of the work. To customers such state of affairs, clear, very favourably. At all not a rarity of the announcement at the exchanges such: "The copywriter is required. I choose those performers who will offer the smallest cost". Also begins: one performer offers for the work 1 c.u. of/1000 signs, another 0.8 at. e... a job is got probably by the one who agrees to work for free also for a good review. Such payment method as response, by the way, at all not a rarity. Positive reviews and rating create to the copywriter good reputation, and its cost as performer increases.

Of course, the customers placing announcements at the exchanges that look for performers with minimum price do not expect that to them professionals will bring down at once. Many of them specially find beginners to pay not really much, but at the same time to help, for example, advice to the beginning copywriter.

In the conditions of dumping to the beginner not to earn much from the exchanges. As soon as you begin to work as the copywriter, without responses and rating you can count on the sum about 0.3-1 c.u. over 1000 signs of the text. And having earned a certain reputation, having filled a portfolio with works and having received several positive reviews from customers, it is possible already and to raise prices.

How to calculate working costs over the text?

With experience you approximately will understand what number of hours in day you are ready to devote to work what volume of texts you do in day, etc. It is much simpler to estimate work of the beginning copywriter the sum in a month. Let's say you delivered yourself a level to earn a month by writing of texts of $500. Divide this sum, for example, into 150 working hours a month. Hour of work will cost in that case $3.3. How many do you signs write for an hour? If 3000, then you divide $3.3 into 3 — so, the cost of 1000 signs of your unique text will cost $1.1. For the beginner it is not bad at all. Do not agree to the smaller sums any more.

The turned-out sum is an average result from which it is possible to make a start. Different types of texts stand differently. Before beginning to work as the copywriter on a certain project, estimate its complexity. Technical texts are more expensive, and those which do not demand special knowledge — cheaper. Rewriting or retelling the stranger of article costs cheaper, than copywriting (creation of own text). Vpleteniye in article of keywords and phrases is still additional cost.

The good reputation of the copywriter, ability to do articles competent, interesting and creative, to fit into terms — all this with interest will pay off, finally for any customer the quality of the performed work, but not its low cost always is on the first place.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team