What is awkward age

What is awkward age

Awkward age - the most difficult period in life of the maturing child. It is considered by psychologists as one of critical stages of a course of life, along with crisis of middle age and the pension period.

Why there comes the awkward age

In 10-12 years at children the period of rough maturing which lasts up to 15-17 years begins. The organism of the teenager is exposed to significant internal and external changes - there are secondary sexual characteristics, the voice changes, features become sharper. The body and extremities are extended, during this period there is the most rapid growth. Often teenagers do not manage to adapt to the new proportions therefore they seem clumsy and angular. All these changes happen under the influence of the strengthened emission of hormones that affects activity of endocrine, nervous and vegetative system of an organism. The hormonal splash generates such negative phenomena of the teenage period as appearance of acne rash, the increased fat content of hair and skin, sharp weight loss or an increase in weight, increase or pressure decline. The awkward age with fear is waited by many parents - the child can sharply change the behavior, become reserved or become uncontrollable.

Psychology of awkward age

The maturing teenager begins to realize that he any more not the child. He becomes more independent, wishes to choose the interests, clothes and friends and aggressively reacts to invasion into personal space. The maximalism is characteristic of this age - the teenager exaggerates any insignificant events, is capable to be depressed because of a trifle or to regard an accidental look as existence of sympathy. The hormonal splash leads to sharp change of mood and rough expression of emotions. Therefore the companies of teenagers walking down the street often of a shumna are also very cheerful. However, after such fun there can come also the sharp emotional slowdown. The same shift of mood leads to frequent experiments with appearance. Teenagers are very inspired. They easily listen to bright slogans and appeals, consider that they stand out from the crowd when join any movement. Often unfair leaders of various organizations use it.

How to communicate with the teenager

Most of parents with fear expects approach of awkward age. However how there will pass this period, entirely depends on them. Many parents note, as did not notice how there passed the transition period because correctly communicated with children. First of all, it is necessary to understand that your child any more not the kid. He has the opinion and the rights. Avoid to come into its room, do not touch its things and phone - the teenager very jealously treats the property. Reconcile to the fact that he, perhaps, will carry too bright. provocative or informal clothes to listen to "awful" music and to spend more time with friends, than with you. So he declares the independence. Instead make friends with the matured child. Talk to him as equals, tell a story about the life, ask about its affairs. But it should not resemble interrogation. Having become the teenager the friend, you together will be able easily to "experience" awkward age.

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