When it is possible to plant lilies to the open ground in the fall

When it is possible to plant lilies to the open ground in the fall

When it is better to plant lilies is question which often sets the beginning flower growers. However those who ""work"" not the first year with these flowers with full confidence can tell that it is the best of all to plant them in the fall, then they perfectly take roots, without spending force for building of green material of bush, and in the subsequent warm season the budding happens much more actively.

On competently chosen landing time of lilies depends in the fall whether plants will blossom in the next warm season. If you are going to create bed which will blossom in the summer, then in this case it is important to put lukovichka with stock of time for their rooting and set of nutrients. In general, terms of landing of these plants depend on weather patterns therefore it is impossible to tell with accuracy in what day it is better to put culture, it is necessary to rely only on temperature here. Lilies can be planted when daytime temperature falls lower than +10 degrees and more than a week does not rise above.

When to plant lilies in the fall in Moscow area, in the Urals, in Siberia

Now we will talk specifically about regions. In Moscow area temperature below 10 degrees of heat in October most often is established therefore before this month you should not put culture, differently there is risk that plants will manage not only to take roots, but also couch. It is fraught with death of saplings.

In the Urals and in Siberia, especially in northern regions, it is possible to start landings of bulbs in August-September, is more rare - in October. Generally, here too mainly it is worth relying on steady temperature. The only thing that should be considered to the flower growers living in these regions: it is better to cover saplings after landings with fir twigs or any ukryvny material. It will save the soil from freezing before term, and lukovichka will manage to take roots and be gathered power supply for the subsequent summer blossoming.

If you still in thoughts when to plant lilies - in the spring or in the fall, then give preference to the second option better. The fact is that practically all bulbous transfer landing/change easier in the fall. Moreover, the plants planted at winter are ill less, is more abundant blossom, transfer sudden spring frosts easier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team