How to make green hedge of lilac

How to make green hedge of lilac

Nothing can be compared to type of green hedge from the blossoming lilac. Very few efforts and patience are required to create such beauty on the site and for many years to enjoy matchless aroma and magnificent blossoming of accurate green hedge.

There is set of versions and grades of lilac, but not all from them will be suitable for creation of fence – some are so effective that it is better to land them as soliter on lawns. Besides the elite high-quality lilac bares the lower branches over time that can reduce decorative effect of fence. Unpretentious Amur and Hungarian lilacs will be suitable for this purpose better, they for short term are capable to master new spaces and to quickly fill intervals between bushes.

For creation of qualitative fence it is necessary to decide on the place for landing and to create good drainage. If soil on the site heavy, clay – it is necessary to remove it, to add friable fertile soil, bank sand and humus. It is necessary also that good ventilation and optimum quantity of sunbeams has been provided to plants. Therefore it is desirable that from trees to bushes there was sufficient distance – not less than 1-1.5 m will be required.

Before landing of fence cut green shanks in advance. For this purpose green, not lignified branches of lilac undertake, and sharp are knifed on pieces on 15-20 cm. On each shank there have to be about 5-8 sleeping kidneys. The bottom edge of shank is cut off under kidney, the corner of cut has to be 45 degrees, the perpendicular cut from above becomes, it is made over kidney. Landing can be carried out at any time, from spring to fall. The lilac is unpretentious and well postpones this procedure.

In the paved way the shanks need to be put slightly obliquely, according to the scheme 50 x 50 cm, burying everyone to the soil at 5-7 cm. Soil around them is condensed and properly spills water. For the best rooting it is possible to cover each sapling with the cut-off plastic bottle, the soil needs to be contained in the humidified state constantly. In 18-20 days the shelter can be removed, for this period of plant manage to take roots and give fresh escapes. If already implanted saplings are planted, then it is necessary to bring handful of ashes in each hole and 20 g of superphosphate. Roots of plant should be straightened and filled up with the soil accurately; the surface of soil to level, spill water and to zamulchirovat humus. Recently put fence needs to be watered at least, than once a week that plants have gone to growth quicker. For forming of beautiful form of fence it is necessary to form annually it, cutting off secateurs weak, curve, irregular shape, the branches growing in bush. Besides cutting stimulates branching that gives the additional volume and splendor to landing. Not to do much harm to bushes, it is necessary to carry out cutting right after blossoming. Later forming will lead to the fact that the next year the lilac will not blossom – flower kidneys will be injured.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team