What is the cloud-based printer

What is the cloud-based printer

The cloud-based printer is a technology which allows to connect one or several printers to the Internet. The cloud-based printer gives the chance to print documents at distance from the computer, phone, the tablet or any other equipment connected to the Internet. The technology works as with the devices supporting virtual printing and with simple printers.

What documents can be printed by means of the cloud-based printer

By means of the cloud-based printer it is possible to print any documents. The list of applications opening access to virtual printing is on the website of Google. Apparently from the list, any person having the device with Internet access can use service. To use the cloud-based printer, to ostatochno install Google Chrome and to find the corresponding option in settings of the browser.

Also applications for the mobile devices working at the Android platform are developed. It is Cloud Print, PrinterShare, Cloud Printer, Easy Print and others. On the basis of the operating system iOS the PrintCentral Pro application works. In addition, the list contains still a set of appendices for mobile devices, computers, educational institutions and the enterprises. This list constantly is replenished.


What printers can be connected to a cloud technology

It is possible to connect any printer to the system of virtual printing. However there is a number of the devices which are specially created in order that they could be connected to a cloud technology without participation of the computer. At connection to such devices the cloud printing runs smoothly. Printers with support of cloud printing become attached to the account of the virtual printer within several seconds.

It is possible to connect to technology also the normal printer (one or several). The binding to the account is carried out through the computer connected to the Internet. To tie the equipment to the account, it is necessary to install the Chrome browser on the computer, to come into the section "setup" and to find the corresponding option.

Who can have access to the cloud-based printer

Any user of the computer, tablet, mobile device can have access to cloud printing. To open access, it is enough to owner of the Google account to press only one virtual button. The system of settings and management of virtual technology is also simple and intuitive.

Printing on the virtual printer, in effect, differs in nothing from printing on the normal local device. The technology can be used, working in normal applications for work with the text of Windows and Mac. Having finished work with the text, the user sends it for printing in the virtual printer, having selected the necessary device from the offered list and having defined printing options in settings.

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