How to save on the Radical

How to save on the Radical

The website "Radical" is among so-called photohostings. It allows to place images on web pages, in messages of forums, etc., without spending at the same time space on the user's server. "Radical" undertakes all cares on storage of pictures.


1. Pass to the following website:

2. Press the Browse button. The browser will automatically start a dialog of the choice of the file. Pass into the folder where the file with the desirable image is located, select it then click OK. The dialog will disappear.

3. If desired select parameters of loading of the file. In particular, put or remove ticks on "Reduce to" and "Optimize a format" and if reduction is included, enter the required lateral dimension of the image (by default - 640 points). It is also possible to select sketch width for preview which is by default equal to 180 points, quality of compression on JPEG algorithm (by default - 85), an inscription on the sketch for preview (by default - "Increase") and in the picture (by default is absent), a way of compression, etc. It is better not to turn off the mode of optimization of a format: the quality from this operation falls slightly, but file volume considerably decreases.

4. Click "Load". Wait for loading of the image on the server. As soon as it occurs, the browser will pass to the following page.

5. On the following page you will see several versions of links to the image loaded by you. If you want to show the picture to the interlocutor during communication by e-mail or in the instant messaging system, send it the link from the Link field. To insert the large picture into the message of a forum, use the code from The Picture in the Text field, and for the room of the same image in the HTML page - from the field "HTML: the picture in the text". Consider that it is impossible to place wide images in forums. Preview — Increase by Clicking fields and "HTML: previews - increase by clicking" are intended for the room of the reduced images, respectively, in messages of forums and in HTML pages. The code is created in such a way that if to click the reduced image, the page with increased will automatically be loaded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team