How to attach the file on the website

How to attach the file on the website

About what the speech went on your website, it is very important to make it colourful and attractive to Internet users. The files loaded by you in the form of pictures, informative, information articles, video of plots will make it more interesting. In order that there were no questions of how to upload materials of this sort to the site below all possible nuances of similar art are considered.


1. In order that your website was interesting and rather visited, it is a little simple to create it. It is very important to make it sated with the pictures interesting by materials. Attachment of files to the website causes a problem in many when developing. At the same time it is always necessary to remember that at the websites there are always restrictions on loading of files. For example, images with a size of 800x600 will also be more reduced. Loading can be carried out only with certain types of expansions, such as txt, pps, xls, doc, ppt, pdf, etc. For loading file size (maximum) - 100 MB. And so, to attach the file come into content editing mode, i.e. during creation of new content through the option "Create" or change old through "Select action" - "Change".

2. Click the side bookmark "Attachment of Files" - "Files are not loaded". Select the file which should be loaded after clicking the Browse button. Press the Open button after the choice of the file.

3. In order that there were characteristics of the file in the form of the table, click the Attach button. Until you finally save the file, changes made by you concerning attachment will not be constants. The first attached file will be placed in RSS feeds. At the subsequent attachment of files of the link to them will be bred one by one.

4. If somewhere you need to make a reference to the loaded file, for example, in a body of content (text) it is necessary to do the following operations. That the link on you the loaded file was available to you, click on "Attachment of files", in a clipboard copy this link. Click "Save". Now you can continue to dispose of the link copied in a clipboard already to suit the own ends.

5. To delete with you the loaded file, it is necessary to remember the first point and on how to come into an editing mode. Click "Attachment of files". Under the inscription "Delete" (near not the necessary file) check the opened window. Save changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team