Ceramic tile: we choose for bath

Ceramic tile: we choose for bath

The traditional Russian bath, certainly, is made of wood. The wooden felling significantly limited the choice of elements of interior finish, but now many baths are under construction of blocks of foam concrete or brick that allows to use ceramic tile for facing.


For wall decoration in bath it is possible to use different glazed and unglazed types of tile. It is possible to trim with these tiles walls in the washing room and in locker room. It is not recommended to trim with wall tile in steam room as there high temperatures, the tile will heat up: and itself will burst, and you will burn.

On the characteristics all ceramic tile has good moisture resistance therefore when choosing tile it is appropriate to be interested in its design and compatibility with bath interior. So, for finishing of the room of locker room it is possible to use glazed tile as it usually has various patterns and images which will help to create the necessary composition.

In washing office it is possible to use less expensive unglazed tile. It is carried out in monochrome therefore for creation of the background image it is possible to use mosaic from different types of this tile.


In pair office floor can be trimmed with ceramic tile or porcelain tile, but as well as in washing office, it is necessary to make small bias in order that water could leave freely when planning floor. Respectively, it is desirable to choose large-format plate without ridge surfaces and relief. If you want to revet floor in your bath, then you need to choose special tile for floor which differs from tile for walls in the increased durability and low effect of sliding that is important for bath considering that there floor constantly wet. For floor covering there are special tiles of both domestic, and foreign producers with the anti-sliding covering. When choosing "bathing" ceramic tile it is necessary to pay attention to lack of time ("roughness"), moisture and dirt will get to them, it will be very difficult to wash up such floor, besides continuous temperature drops will lead to the fact that the plate will burst much quicker than normal. For decrease in effect of sliding in bath it is appropriate to use special rubber or polyurethane (usually transparent) rugs or wood decks. The last are convenient: they do not interfere with water outflow, moisture evaporation, they can be dried in the sun and they are not afraid of the increased temperatures. The only thing that needs to be remembered at the device of wood decks – it is impossible to choose as material coniferous breeds like pine forest. Give preference to larch.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team