How to make a romantic dinner of the house

How to make a romantic dinner of the house

In usual life there is not enough rest, feeling of pleasure and a holiday. Most of the people who plunged into daily cares remember romanticism of former days with an easy nostalgic sigh. Where tenderness and caress? Where a charm of trembling evenings near the moon and stars? Agree, without romanticism it is difficult to live, you lose something important as a hobby. Try to return great moments - begin with the real romantic dinner.


1. Planning to arrange a romantic dinner, be convinced that your action will not fall apart because of employment of your second half. It is better to ask in advance whether your partner will be free this evening; it is possible even to ask to postpone or postpone not really important issues to other time that you had an opportunity to stay alone.

2. Pay special attention to drawing up the menu, your action assumes, first of all, meal. It is hardly worth preparing something labor-consuming and borrowing a lot of time, you still should manage to have a rest and flirt yourself to look this evening on all hundred. It is impossible to cook fat dishes, also heavy for an organism. You proceed from your preferences: what both of you most of all love, give on a table. It is quite good if you are a good judge of spices and seasonings. Except undoubted improvement of taste of any dish many of them can serve as good aphrodisiacs.

3. Take care also of drinks. It is good if you know tastes of your partner – then you will not be mistaken. But the best choice, as always, will be red wine for meat dishes and white – for fish. If you love more hard liquors, you can make cognac. It is better to reserve beer and champagne for other cases.

4. For table layout use the combinations of paints stimulating appetite. Experts advise to stop on pink, red, orange, white and black colors. Always elegantly and solemnly the snow-white cloth looks, and ware can be, for example, black or orange, a vase with the flowers (only small!) – red or, if a flower in it red color, from transparent crystal. Look in advance as what you want to see on a table will be combined among themselves.

5. By the way, you should not overload a table with ware. On it has to be at least only necessary things. If something is not located, use an additional table.

6. Usually during a romantic dinner use candles for creation of more confidential, intimate situation. To put them or not to put – to solve to you. Perhaps, for you will be a floor lamp in a corner of the room or a wall sconce enough.

7. If you have an aromalamp, it is possible to add the atmosphere of romanticism with droplets of essential oil. But you remember that the chosen aroma should not be sharp and has to be pleasant to you and your partner. The gentle, background music which is adjusting you on a romantic harmony can be good addition also.

8. The dress needs to be chosen such that it was convenient to you, and, above all that the person invited by you did not feel uncomfortably and it is held down, as on a formal reception.

9. Arranging a romantic dinner, forget about troubles, problems and cares. Think only of pleasant. Be tuned into rest and love.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team