How to protect the soil

How to protect the soil

The productivity of the soil on the garden site, in kitchen garden or in the field depends directly on actions for prevention of erosion. Researches show that having detained and having correctly used 1 cm of melt waters it is possible to increase productivity of 1 Hectare by 1 centner of grain. Agree, much, especially if to consider that costs of the device of special constructions or crops of special plants do not demand big expenses.


1. At bias of the site it is more than 1 degree, all fields cut across slope. If the site is on slope with bias not less than 3 degrees, then it is necessary to enter the crop rotations directed to protection of the soil. Crop rotations need to be saturated with row-crop culture. If slopes quite abrupt, then enter the cultures of continuous crops into crop rotation.

2. In the presence of wind erosion, the field it is necessary to level and have landings across the main winds. At the same time vetroudarny sites need to be zaluzhivat. For this purpose best of all obstacles scenes from high-stem plants approach.

3. In order that the melt water kept on the site, it makes sense to sow the scenes from pair cultures. For example, corn and mustard. They are sowed at the beginning of July on one row each 10-15 cm. It will provide good delay of snow in the field and its uniform distribution. In order to avoid freezing of the soil and for slow thawing of snow, snow is condensed through each 5-10 cm. It is easy to regulate thawing of snow also by means of the reception called band blackout. These methods considerably reduce the speed of erosive processes and help to save up necessary moisture.

4. For protection of slopes by the steepness no more than 2 degrees are enough plowing of ploughland across slope. At the steepness up to 5 degrees the additional furrowing, swathing or deepening of the soil is required.

5. Universal remedy of protection against erosion is band alternation of cultures. The high efficiency of this method is reached at strict observance of geometricity of their placement. Absolutely small deviation can not only reduce efficiency, but also concentrate drain that will even more increase erosion of soils.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team