How it is correct to pickle a shish kebab?

How it is correct to pickle a shish kebab?

Friendly sit-round gathering outdoors or giving seldom does in the summer without tasty fragrant shish kebab therefore many people look for recipes which will help them to make really culinary masterpiece. Let's consider the most popular methods as it is correct to pickle a shish kebab from various grades of meat and we will please the relatives and friends with an appetizing dish.

How it is correct to pickle a shish kebab from chicken?

You will need kefir, onions, garlic, salt and pepper, and, of course, fowl. So, about 2.5-3 kg of chicken should be washed out, cleaned from bones and skin and to fill in them with kefir which the liter floor will be required approximately. Only do not use the fat-free fermented milk product, the it will be fatter, the meat will become more tasty. Further it is necessary to put onions (2-3 pieces) and garlic (3-4 cloves) in a bowl, previously having passed them through a press, to salt and pepper. Now we will discuss how it is correct to pickle a shish kebab from ham, for example, it is possible to use the recipe with sour cream. Cut 1 kg of chicken, mix pieces from 250 g of sour cream which fat content not less than 20%, add to garlic glove bowl 3-4, of course, crushed and, add salt, pepper and herbs, for example, cilantro or parsley. It is necessary to keep fowl in the made marinade not less than 12 hours, but also no more day.

How it is correct to pickle pork for a shish kebab?

The marinade made on wine is considered the most popular recipe. For preparation of 1 kg of meat you will need 2-3 features of onions, ground pepper, parsley, salt and red wine, it is desirable dry, but not dessert. Divide meat into pieces, fill in it with wine so that liquid completely covered it. Salt and pepper mix to taste, cut onions half rings, and small chop parsley, and also add to a bowl with meat. It is important to remember that pork has to be in this marinade about 4-6 hours, before it it is impossible to prepare.

And here is how it is correct to pickle beef shish kebab by means of the same wine. About 800 g of meat and tomatoes will be required to take, to cut them and to put in a bowl. Further chop 2-3 pieces of onions, 3 garlic gloves and on 1 bunch of parsley and cilantro, these products should be added to meat too. It is necessary to salt mix, to pepper it and to fill in 150 ml of red wine. Meat can begin to be cooked in 7 hours, it will enough become impregnated with aroma of herbs, will become gentle and very tasty.

The main rule of preparation of marinade from wine, it to use only dry alcoholic beverages of high quality. If to use low-quality or powder drink, then meat will hardly be tasty.

How to pickle mutton edges for a shish kebab?

The tasty shish kebab can be made not only of cutting, but also of mutton ribs, the main thing to know several secrets of preparation of marinade. Therefore if you could buy only edges, be not upset, and try to make such dish – take 1 kg of ribs, couple of bulbs, dried tomato, a cilantro bunch, salt and pepper. At first cut an edge so that each piece consisted of 2-3 stones, then rub each of them I will merge both black ground pepper, and the crushed dried tomato. Put ribs in a bowl, cut onions on half rings, and add to meat, there it is necessary to put the crushed cilantro. All ingredients need to be mixed carefully then to leave them in the cool place approximately for 2 hours. That's all, it is possible to start kindling of a brazier and to prepare a shish kebab.

There is a lot of recipes for marinades, and practically each person has secrets, but be not afraid to try something new, suddenly the dish will be even better, than it turned out earlier.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team