5 things in which women surpass men

5 things in which women surpass men

A large number of the taken roots stereotypes forces some women to believe in male superiority and to consider it relevant for all spheres of life. Actually take the leading positions in some things of the woman. The correct use of these characteristics allows to achieve great success in career.

 Same-gender superiority over another always was a subject for brisk discussions. Men are successful in some things better and it is difficult not to agree with it. But not men succeeded in everything. Experts consider that in civilized society where relationship is based not on use of brute force, women have a number of serious advantages. They are allocated with some abilities which are inherent in men to a lesser extent. 

Social contacts

Women are much more active in the social plan in comparison with men. They easily make contact, strike up new acquaintances. Imparting each other the gained knowledge and the gained experience, women improve social skills. These data are average as a lot of things depend on specific features of the person. 

Women are more verbose. They love communication and in the course of exchange of information catch mood of the interlocutor much more thinly. Women are more cunning than men. During the conversation they use various tricks therefore it is sometimes difficult to understand them. Women see the world in bigger permission. They perfectly distinguish details, shades. Scientists explain such phenomenon with small differences in the structure of cerebral hemispheres at representatives of different floors. If the man wants to see the world in all paints, it needs the correct companion. Those with whom there is a clever and judicious woman nearby try to obtain not accidentally bigger success in affairs. The tactile sense at women is developed better because of existence on skin of a huge number of the receptors sensitive to touch too.


Ability to worry - one more quality which is more inherent in women. Psychologists call it empathy. Many men consider the developed empathy sign of femininity. The tendency to compassion leans on various mental mechanisms which are formed at the healthy person since the early childhood. 

The woman - weaker being therefore in this case it is easy to explain the developed empathy. Persons of no character are more sensitive, sympathetic, changeable, passive as these qualities are necessary for survival in state of dependence to have an opportunity to foresee changes in the relation and mood of that on whom they depend, to adapt to his desires. With age the ability to empathy becomes even more developed. It is connected not only with obtaining valuable life experience, but also with the advent of children, grandsons. 

Ability to inspire and motivate

One more surprising female line is the ability to motivate. The clever woman acts very thinly and cunning. Being weaker being by the nature, she can induce the man to do what is necessary for it and her family. At the same time the man does not feel any pressure. It makes an impression that he set the object and made everything on the way to its implementation. 


Men are allocated with physical force, but the female body has much bigger endurance. Women with success apply this feature when performing daily affairs and also in professional sport. They can can achieve more good results in marathons, runnings, competitions of extreme character. 

Scientists managed to prove and to scientifically prove the theory that the pain threshold at women is higher. The anesthetizing action sex hormones the estrogen produced by a female body possess. At men the pain threshold raises only in a condition of a severe stress. 

Ability to solve several problems at the same time

 Women also succeeded in ability to switch quickly from one business to another and to solve several problems at the same time. This quality very much helps women to combine family affairs, education of children and work. In stressful situations of the woman make the correct decisions quicker. 

The ability to actions in a condition of multitasking allows women to cope with a lack of time better. Employers need to consider it at staff recruitment. In some fields of activity the attraction of female labor is preferable. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team