How to experience the death of the wife

How to experience the death of the wife

People in love hope to live all life together and happily. Also live until death separates them. And suddenly the person who was near still yesterday smiled, paced about the room and woke up nearby – disappears. To look for it it is useless and it is impossible to return. The despair, and then understanding awful comes, but inevitable – she died. She does not exist any more. The woman who for many years was a beloved wife any more will never enter a door of your general apartment. How to experience the death of the wife?

1. Think that the wife loved you. She would not like that to you it was sick and heavy. You do not see her body, but her soul always nearby, she lives in your heart and will live there always.

2. Get rid of sense of guilt if it presses you for the reason that could not undertake anything. There are things which do not depend on the person. People are not able to prevent death. In it there is no your fault.

3. Think of the relatives: parents, children, friends. They are with you and endure your loss. But even more they are concerned by your state. These people are ready to support, understand and help to continue to lead full-fledged life. They in you are also in great need, as well as you in their support.

4. If independently copes it is impossible, try to ask for the help the experienced psychotherapist.

5. Remember that life did not end. Pain of loss is more severe physical, sometimes it brings to a condition of apathy and absolute unwillingness to live without darling. But life is given once, at everyone the – at someone is longer, at someone is shorter. The course of life of your wife as it appeared, was shorter than yours, but yours life goes on.

6. Do not become reserved – it is so possible to lose mind. Surround yourself with communication, look for new occupations, get an animal. Only do not leave yourself all alone, alone with desperate thoughts.

7. Do not turn the house into the museum of memory of the wife. Of course, it is necessary to leave the photos memorable to a thing for memory but you should not leave her clothes in a case, a toothbrush in the bathroom, creating presence illusion. From it it will only be heavier, but you will not be able to return it to these all the same.

8. Continue to do all that was done earlier, what each person needs. You have to eat, sleep, be engaged in personal hygiene, go to work. Let life take its course.

9. You remember: the wife loved you. You go to its grave, you keep her memory. You can talk, tell with it what at you occurs. She would be glad that you continue to live.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team