How many do taxi drivers earn?

How many do taxi drivers earn?

It is for some reason considered to be that the taxi driver's profession – one of most grain. And therefore the question how many taxi drivers earn, interests many who would like to try this quality.

How many in day does the taxi driver earn?

Considerable part of those who are carrier come to work, as a rule, during week-end, holidays or in evening and night time. Therefore here it is expedient to speak about that how many such taxi drivers in day earn. The size of earnings depends on the region, the number of the spent hours, the spent gasoline. Also the choice of the place where the taxi driver expects clients is of great importance: the most favorable – the areas near stations, the airports, large shops, etc. On average in one eight-hour working day private trader can earn clean about 20 c.u., in the capital the earnings, naturally, will be three-four times higher.

How many on average does the taxi driver in a month earn?

If the driver is not private carrier as a side job, and is a full-fledged employee of transport company, then here it is necessary to talk about monthly earnings. it is natural that in regions it is several orders lower, than in megalopolises.

How to the taxi driver to earn more?

Of course, each car owner who is carrier wants to reach the high level of income. For this purpose it is possible to take advice of taxi drivers how to earn:

  • to study the city that it was not necessary to wind long, searching for the necessary house and to spend on it precious time;
  • to distribute business cards with the contact information to all passengers;
  • to bring regular customers, offering the best level of service: clean salon in the car, polite unostentatious communication, presentable appearance of the driver, rendering small services (to help to pull out a heavy bag, to charge mobile phones other).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team