Review of the book Remote-Office is not obligatory - Jason Frayd and David Hanson

Review of the book Remote-Office is not obligatory - Jason Frayd and David Hanson

The future already came, just it still is distributed unevenly
William Gibson

Due to the development of the Internet and information technologies the world stands on the verge of huge changes. They already happen, but many still refuse to accept them. Remote with deep arguments proves what many are not able to apprehend yet because they did so decades - work at office <> to productive work.

Authors of the book - founders of the company 37 signals - the company which has employees worldwide which based Ruby on Rails created a large number of strong projects and also had in the customers of mastodons of IT business - from Microsoft to IBM. Before writing this book they already had one besteseller - Rework - about business and also personnel management during an era of new technologies. The new book, though is more narrowly targeted, not less revolutionary.

So, what questions of remote work you will find in the book? Here only some of them:

  • Talents are not tied to one place in the world, the real team of professionals can be gathered from all places in the world.
  • The current technological capabilities which allow to be constant in touch and also councils how it is better to organize this communication.
  • Corporate culture without office? And it is possible!
  • Safety rules during the work with remote workers
  • As it is correct to organize the schedule for effective work
  • How to support spirit and community of team for advance forward how not to let to feel to each member of the team an odininoky small screw in the big mechanism
  • As it is necessary to behave at remote work with the client
  • As it is correct to distribute workload level for itself and also for the employees. As in time will stop, to find motivation for work and to get rid of procrastination.
  • How to choose to itself employees for team and also how to admit them to your collective
  • What salary to pay employees whether it is worth saving in public, living in places with the low cost of life.
  • Personal contact - whether is necessary for remote workers it?

It is only a part of questions which were most interesting to me, but in the book a set of other moments which can be interesting to you. If you want to live in the future, but extremely I recommend the book not to catch up with more and more accelerating train of changes to reading.

And finally, it would be desirable to provide the remarkable quote of sir Richard Branson - the billionaire, the founder and the head of Virgin Group: Technologies develop so quickly that in about thirty years, people, looking back, will be surprised how offices in general existed

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team