What to begin beekeeping with?

What to begin beekeeping with?

If you want both to distract and to have a rest in Sherlock Holmes's style or to begin the small business, then the beekeeping can become both work, and a hobby, but for this purpose it is necessary to know what to begin to the beginner with.

How to begin to be engaged in beekeeping from scratch?

Speaking about from what to start beekeeping from scratch, it is necessary to take several steps.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to study a subject, that is bees. Understand how they live, than eat also what hierarchy at them. It is not obligatory to go into details, but it is important to learn the main necessary in practice of a thing.
  2. To choose the place for an apiary and to buy all necessary. The place – your 150 sq.m if you plan to be engaged in beekeeping commercially, important also as well as bees and stock – beehives, a mask and a special suit. Beehives and bees can be got together from experienced beekeepers, for example, according to announcements of sale. Then there will be they already in common.
  3. Depending on that hobby it will be or something commercial, also the quantity of beehives and according to bees will vary. If you plan to sell honey, for example, not less than ten bee families and beehives are necessary. If you do not plan commercial profit on this occupation, then will be three-five families quite enough. Each bee family has the character and you on experience will be able to recognize each of them in details and learn to work with them.
  4. And if all of you plan to earn from beekeeping products – honey, wax, a zabrus, pollen, propolis, a uterine milk and bee sting – you should develop a system. That business went it is necessary to get acquainted with technologies of beekeeping more fruitfully and to pick up necessary to you. Also it is also necessary to consider that hardly the beekeeping will begin to make for you profit in the first year, bees will need to take root.

Irrespective of you will earn from beekeeping or not, it will bring only benefit if to approach it intelligently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team