Revenge to the guy or husband for treason: as it to make and whether costs, councils of the psychologist

Revenge to the guy or husband for treason: as it to make and whether costs, councils of the psychologist

Treason from the beloved often is the real blow. Each woman reacts to this act in own way, but under the influence of emotions first of all there is a thought of how to revenge the man for similar treachery. We will understand this article whether it is worth revenging the elect for treason and in what ways it is possible to force it to regret about the act and also we will consider the reasons of treason and main taboos at revenge implementation.

Possible reasons of treason

If after treason of the man you make him scandal at once, then most likely never learn why he made such act. Very often men's treason demonstrates existence of serious problems in the relations. Therefore first of all it is recommended to find out why darling changed you.

The reasons of men's treason can be a little:

  • the monotony and routine — lack of attention and romanticism from the woman, her focus only on household problems forces the man to seek love elsewhere;
  • the excessive jealousy from the woman which is followed by quarrels and reproaches — irritates the man therefore he decides to justify suspicions of the spouse;
  • the lack of regular sex — if is too frequent to use excuses it seems the head hurts or sorry, I was very tired today, then the man will be inevitably lost in contemplation of other women for the purpose of satisfaction of the instinct;
  • the constant criticism of the man from the woman — is expressed in reproaches and offensive subsplittings, charges of inability something to make etc. To the man it becomes uncomfortable with such woman and he looks for another — that which will constantly not criticize it;
  • the woman ceased to watch the appearance — to the man much more pleasant to see near itself the slender and well-groomed companion, but not the typical housewife in an old dressing gown or the stretched t-shirt;
  • treason from the woman — provokes the man to do the same to spite to the darling.

Whether you know? Not always unhappy marriage becomes the reason of incorrectness of the partner. About 34% of women and 56% of men who ever changed the spouses, consider the family life very happy.

How to revenge the guy or the husband for treason?

Many women consider revenge for men's treason only from a position of harming the offender. But to force it to regret about the made treachery it is possible also in other ways if to work after careful consideration and not to give in to emotions. It is possible to show to darling what beautiful woman he lost by the nonsense and as he underestimated you to cause in it a remorse. And here you should not act too aggressively as such behavior will only even more incite the man against you and can have additional negative consequences. Further we will talk about how it is possible to punish the traitor and what cannot be done at all.

What can be made?

Before taking any further actions, be defined what aim you pursue. Would you like to keep the relations with this man or you seek to teach a good lesson only properly him, and then to leave forever? It is possible to react to treason of the man and it is necessary, but at the same time it is necessary to work correctly. Further we will consider several options of how to revenge the man for treason that he sincerely regretted deeds.

Important! It is impossible to pretend that it happened and to try to please nothing in every possible way to the man after his treason. He will continue to change you as will feel the impunity and your readiness everything to endure.

To change appearance

After treachery from darling at women the self-assessment often decreases. You can feel offense and apathy, but they will not help you neither to return the man, nor to forget him. Therefore the best in such situation — is serious to take care of the own life. It will help you to feel attractive again, and to the man — to see you from the new party.

Here several recommendations on how to revenge darling for treason by means of change of the appearance:

  • pick up to yourself a new hairstyle to change the appearance to the best;
  • visit day spa to look fresh and it is attractive;
  • do not forget to do regularly at least the minimum daily make-up even if you are at home all day;
  • buy a new dress or any other clothes emphasizing your style;
  • put on sexual underwear;
  • do not give in to bad mood and smile more.

If the man not completely grew cold to you, then after your external transformation he will feel remorse. He for certain will regret that he changed such attractive and lovely lady as you and will not want to repeat the mistake. If you do not manage to restore your relations, then improvement of the appearance will help you easier to transfer parting and to attract attention other men that will be for certain unpleasant your former.

Whether you know? About 90% of women consider treason of the partner his passionate kiss with other woman. Men I consider such act sign of incorrectness of the spouse only in 75% of cases.

To bring the gentleman

A great way to revenge the apostate is to cause in it feeling of jealousy. Men awful owners therefore your being anyway will unpleasantly see you in the company of other gentleman. It will strike a blow to his male vanity, causing feeling of jealousy and offense. There are several councils as it is correct to revenge the man by means of the new admirer:

  • more often be in society and meet attractive men of your age;
  • take care of the appearance and expand a focus of interest to be not only the beautiful woman, but also the interesting interlocutor;
  • you go out on dates with new admirers and tell about it to your mutual friends who will broadcast this news to your former;
  • let the apostate know that you easily found to him worthy replacement and found happiness.

It is important! If after a while after parting the man who changed to you wants to renew with you the relations, do not hurry to accept joyfully it back. Let realizes the fault and will understand what will forever lose you if repeats the act.

Choosing such way to sweep, it is necessary to think also of feelings of your new gentleman further not to force it to suffer from unrequited love. If you want to teach a good lesson only slightly man who changed to you and want to renew with him the relations, then do not afford with the new admirer anything bigger, than simple flirtation. It is possible to enter into the serious relations with the new man only if you finally decided that you any more will never return to the former.

To say goodbye forever

If after the quiet conversation with the man you came to a conclusion that he does not love you any more, then the best option is to release it. Why to torment each other and to force it to return to you if your feelings grew cold? It is better to try to adjust anew the life to find that with whom you will be really happy. It is for this purpose recommended to conform to such rules:

  • do not make scandal — help it to pack things and show that you do not consider its leaving doomsday. Such style of your behavior can hurt pride of the man and he will feel offense;
  • if you have children, quietly agree about how and when he will see them. Thus you will prove to be the judicious woman who does not want to deprive of the father's children even after his treachery in relation to family;
  • you do not watch it and do not bother it with the calls and messages — let thinks that its future is absolutely indifferent for you;
  • be engaged in the appearance and more often be in society where there are men — it will help you to raise a self-assessment and it is possible to find the true happiness;
  • make so that he learned that you do not suffer after a rupture of your relations — let your mutual friends see you beautiful, quiet and self-assured, and then tell about it to your former. In this case he will regret that he forever lost such woman as you.

Whether you know? About 65% of all loving couples break up after one of partners showed incorrectness.

What should not you do?

In a rush of anger and offense of people it is usually incapable to assess soberly a situation and it is rational to think. Having learned about incorrectness of darling, the first minutes the woman begins to consider the most cruel plans to sweep — to damage his expensive machine, to set fire to the apartment, to do physical harm to herself or to dismiss about it the most offensive rumors. But before taking any actions, it is necessary to calm down. Let your emotions will settle within several days. Do not make any decisions in a temper as there is a probability that further you will regret about the acts. It is especially important to consider soberly the further behavior if you want to keep the relations with this man and are ready to forgive him.

Damage of property

Under the influence of emotions the woman often has a desire to deprive the man of things and objects which are of value for it. The deceived women can break the favourite TV of the traitor or scratch his car, but this option of revenge is not recommended to be chosen.

Important! Sometimes the man really comes back to that woman who tried to do much harm to herself because of his treason. But at the same time he often feels only pity for it and easily can change it with other woman again.

Damage of property can have for you very unpleasant consequences:

  • if the man impulsive, then after such act he can show aggression in relation to you or spoil something from your things in revenge;
  • damage of someone else's property is considered crime and after such act you can have serious problems with the law;
  • if the man files a lawsuit against you, then you should spend money for services of the lawyer and to pay material compensation for the caused damage;
  • if you forgive to the man his treachery and renew your relations, then the spoiled property should be restored at the expense of the family budget.


Some women, wishing to revenge more painfully for treason, begin to dismiss among friends and the man's acquaintances inveracious and offensive rumors concerning his nonconventional orientation. By means of such false slanders it is really possible to defame reputation of the apostate and to make of him a laughing-stock.

But negative consequences of such act can affect also the woman:

  • the man can file a lawsuit for slander — even if he will not carry the case, you will appear in an unpleasant role of the defendant and will spoil it own reputation;
  • the man can demand solid compensation of moral damage — if it has direct proofs that you became a source of inveracious gossips, then you for certain should pay it money for the caused psychological trauma;
  • inveracious rumors about the man can put a psychological trauma to your children — even if your deception will reveal further, they will hear for certain unpleasant charges from peers about behavior of their father or mother's cheat;
  • if nobody believes the thought-up slander, you will inevitably make of yourself a laughing-stock — in this case not its reputation will suffer, and yours and it will be very difficult to restore it.

To achieve condemnation of an act of the apostate from acquaintances, be sincere and you say to them that he deceived you, hurt you and destroyed family.

Learn in more detail what to do and how to behave if the husband changes.

Not to do harm to itself

Some women try to cause in the apostate sense of guilt and repentances by means of attempt of a suicide. They do so that they were found with the cut veins or which swallowed tablets. And in certain cases women consciously want to commit suicide that the man suffered until the end of the life. Such way of revenge is strictly forbidden as it under no circumstances cannot yield desired result and has a number of negative consequences:

  • such act can really lead to your death even if you initially planned to intimidate only it and to force to return to you;
  • you will force to suffer from the attempt to do much harm to itself your family who is not guilty of anything;
  • even the affected attempt of a suicide can have consequences in the form of serious problems with health or disability;
  • after such act you will be registered for certain at the psychiatrist and you will create to yourself reputation of the insane of the woman;
  • if the man finally stopped loving you, then your attempt to do much harm to himself will not cause in him sense of guilt, and on the contrary, will strengthen in it confidence in correctness of the act.

Read also how to forgive treason.

Whether it is worth revenging in general for treachery: practical advice of psychologists

Any psychologist can tell you that you should not revenge the man for treason in general. But if the woman cannot calm down and forgive such act of the beloved without revenge implementation in return, then it is recommended to follow some advice:

  • it is impossible to turn out him — can seem to you that such way of revenge will be effective, but the man can be delighted, on the contrary, and it will be much more difficult to it return darling after such act;
  • you do not leave the house — it is possible to make up the mind to such step only if at you really is where to go, otherwise the man can just not let you to a threshold when you have to return;
  • do not change the man in revenge if you do not want a complete separation — you should not go to bed with the first comer, prove to it that you it is better also poryadochny than it and even after treachery you will not run to the lover;
  • at a meeting with his mistress it is necessary to behave quietly and cold — scandal can only do much harm your reputation of the judicious woman, and mutilation in relation to the competitor will provide you problems with the law;
  • do not try to accuse constantly the husband of his act if both of you want to keep your relations. Better quietly and openly to talk about it and to decide what needs to be changed in your union that the similar act did not repeat any more;
  • it is impossible to forbid the traitor to see children — communication with the father is necessary for children for normal psychological development, and complete isolation from the father can put them an irreparable psychological trauma. But you can demand that the mistress was not present at such meetings;
  • keep calm and do not show former the despair even if you very much value your relations and you want to return the beloved — your coolness will become a notable prick on his vanity;
  • you should not complain constantly of treason of the husband in a circle of relatives and friends — perhaps they will sympathize with you, but it will hardly improve your mood. It is better to keep calm and self-confidence, without acting as the deceived victim.

Even the most exemplary family men therefore before planning revenge, it is necessary to understand the reasons of such act can go for treason. And it is easily possible to revenge the offender by means of the ways listed in this article. The main thing to keep calm and to argue logically not to do nonsenses which will even more worsen a situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team