6 main mistakes in education of the child

6 main mistakes in education of the child

Often so it happens that ours until recently such own and close child, becomes foreign and closed. Why we move away each other? Why children have secrets and the not always life, safe for them?


1. To parents all the same what busy the child. They do not control its actions, do not know his hobbies and interests, are not familiar with his friends, and have no idea where and with whom he spends time. At the child full, than not limited, freedom of action. Mom and dad perform only material functions, without putting in the identity of the child of intrinsic values. As a result he should look for meaning of life in other place, and often this false sense does to the child serious harm.

2. The reverse situation, hyper control, also does not bring desirable result. Parents try to trace each step of the child, force to copy their system of values and interests, ignoring identity of their son or daughter. As result two types of children: some - get used to adapt, they are only absolutely helpless, capable to obey, without having the opinion, and others, on the contrary - all begin to do to spite that too comes to an end it is very deplorable.

3. Often parents, seeking to satisfy all needs of the child, do not refuse anything to it, try to hide from any vital difficulties. As a result, the child becomes an egoist, wants to receive from life everything in the easy way, without using the efforts. Facing real life experiences big difficulties. Besides, often such children treat parents as consumers, without having even respect in their address.

4. The excessive severity will also not bring good result. Cruel punishments for the slightest offenses and severity in the relations between parents and children, cause in reply fear and the extraordinary cruelty in children passing then and in adulthood. The child tries to hide in every way from parents the personal space.

5. Life of the child is similar to the Cinderella's life. Mother or the father do not perceive the child for any reason. Children very sharply feel emotional alienation of parents, especially it is dangerous if in family there are other children whom treat with love. As a result the child grows up very sensitive and vulnerable, feeling the inferiority.

6. Desire of parents to make of the child of ""child prodigy"" also often comes to an end is deplorable. They try to give it as the best education is possible, to occupy it at once with several cases at the same time. Often no attention is paid to talent or interests and desires of the child. He should run from school in sports section, then in music school or on foreign languages instead of playing with peers. Trying to justify parental ambitions, the child runs around like a mad, as a result becomes uneasy and disturbing, begins to do everything for show, at him secret fears can develop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team