Antritis at children: how to prevent complications

Antritis at children: how to prevent complications

Harmless at first sight children's cold can cause such serious illness as antritis which to treat much more difficult. Not to allow a complication, it is important to diagnose a disease in time and to start treatment.

Reasons and symptoms of antritis

At the seeming monotony of the symptoms of antritis which are expressed not only in feeling of congestion of a nose, purulent contents of nasal bosoms and headaches, the reasons this disease can have a set. Distinguish sharp antritis and chronic. The first especially often meets at children's age and can turn out to be consequence of the postponed cold, infectious and viral diseases. There is antritis and at the weakened immunity when there are increased adenoides. Antritis passes into a chronic form in the absence of timely treatment of acute inflammations.

One of characteristic symptoms of antritis the child can have a snore at night and also attempt to breathe through a mouth.

Complications after antritis

The most harmless of them if that concept in general can be applied to a disease, is the change in a mucous membrane of a nose happening against the background of long inflammatory process in a nasopharynx. As a result of it it ceases to perform barrier functions for viruses and the child begins to be ill more often. Besides infection of gaymorovy bosoms the infection can also get into eye-sockets and ears. Therefore otitises are one of satellites of antritis. And the relative deafness against the background of this disease can in the principle develop without symptoms and be detected only during survey in the narrow expert. But the most terrible consequences of antritis come when the infection gets into a brain, causing meningitis and an encephalomeningitis.

Also it is necessary to remember that the complicated breath because of congestion of a nose does not allow oxygen to come to a brain in due to it volume that can promote lag in development.

How to treat antritis at children and to prevent its consequences

It is possible to prevent complications only at complex treatment. Its important part is made by washing of nasal bosoms from the accumulated slime which is a source of microbes. Use for this purpose both physiosolutions, and usual sea water. Are recommended at antritis and physiotherapy, but only the doctor can resolve an issue of their expediency. The child is younger, the approach to treatment is more serious, up to hospitalization. The accompanying therapy is reception of antibiotics and also the medicines reducing hypostasis of a mucous membrane. The last resort used in the absence of effectiveness of treatment is a puncture of bosoms at which their contents are removed in the surgical way, and the medicines blocking inflammation are entered directly into its source.

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