As it is original to tell about pregnancy

As it is original to tell about pregnancy

The planned pregnancy – a joyful and long-awaited event for spouses. You can present news that you there will be three soon, originally, having turned this day into the memorable holiday.

It is required to you

  • - doll;
  • - card with the child;
  • - children's thing;
  • - test for pregnancy.


1. At pregnant women women flavoring addictions change. They want some strawberry among winter, pickles to tea and rare meat for breakfast. Having come home, begin to list the spouse the desires: peaches with fried potato, red currant, sweet cherry, plums. On an amazed look of the husband it is proud say that you are pregnant, and now all is possible for you.

2. Make cabbage salad and put in it a little toy baby doll. Certainly, the doll before it has to be washed carefully up that salad as a result could be eaten. Having started a dinner, the spouse will come across an unusual stuffing and will understand that he expects it.

3. Buy a card with the newborn or just write a note "Darling, I am pregnant". Paste it from a reverse side of a transparent plate in which you put a dinner to the beloved spouse. After everything is eaten, he will come across your message.

4. If you are sure of ingenuity of your husband, present him any children's thing – bootees, a pacifier, a baby's undershirt. The thing should be packed beautifully. Also you can defiantly begin to free at the spouse the shelf in a case. When the man takes an interest from what such shift, tell him that things of your kid will be stored in this box.

5. The test which is accidentally forgotten in a toilet with two strips will tell everything for you. It is desirable to forget it after all in a visible place: on a tank of a toilet bowl or a sink. This way is good under one condition: your husband knows, what is it, and will not state you a claim that you scatter the unclear female features.

6. The message about long-awaited pregnancy is a concerning and joyful event. You can make a romantic dinner, and then whisper the spouse that you are pregnant. For it this day will remain in memory as one of the most unusual and happy, kind of you presented it news.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team