As the faith in god helps to live

As the faith in god helps to live

The faith in God exists since the most ancient times, it did not disappear even where actively fought against it – for example, in the Soviet Union. The fact that the belief does not disappear even in the most hard times, testifies to its huge importance and the practical benefits brought by it.

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1. Disputes on existence of God last already thousands of years. Definite answer to this question it is still not found – proofs of life of God do not convince sceptics, arguments of atheists cannot shake beliefs of the believing people. Therefore it is necessary to say not about whether there is God, and about why people so persistently continue to believe in his existence.

2. The answer to the specified question is obvious – the faith in God helps to live. It gives to the believing person what no other exercises can replace. Life of the believing person is subordinated to completely different aspirations, at it there are absolutely other vital values. And it helps to belong to various vital problems differently.

3. The faith in God allocates human life with absolutely new sense. All modern civilization is constructed on satisfaction of requirements of a body whereas for the believing person soul is on the first place. From here and prevalence in his life of truly cultural wealth – the believing person will never afford meanness, meanness, deception, treachery. The belief helps it to make the correct decisions, always to arrive on conscience. Understanding that you did right thing gives very strong moral support.

4. The believing person has one more very strong means which is helping out in a set of difficult situations – a prayer. When you know that behind your back there is God, there is That Whom you always and in any situation can address for council or with a request for the help, it becomes much easier to live. Even if you doubt existence of God, just try to talk to It – mentally, by the own words. You can talk good luck, for example, before the dream, having already turned off light and lying in a bed. Entrust It all the expectations, tell about the troubles – and you will see that it will become easier for you.

5. What has to be the correct prayer? Very many people misunderstand a prayer essence. They consider that the more in a prayer of tears and mental anguish, the better. It absolutely not so – the correct prayer loads the person with optimism, belief that everything will be good. It has to be positive – you address The one Who initially knows all your expectations Who loves you and cannot just refuse – if about what you ask, will not go to you to the detriment. A result of the correct prayer – peace of mind, a pacification, very clear feeling that you were heard also surely will help.

6. It is important to understand that the correct prayer is not just a request for something, but live dialogue good luck, very clear feeling of its presence. Interesting the fact that quite often believers feel that there is no God at present nearby the person is temporarily left Of Contrast of two states – presence of God and his absence – so yaven that removes for God believing any doubts in existence.

7. Whether always God gives to the person about what he asks? Of course not. But it does not push the believing person to taking offense at God, to break off with Him all relations. Truly believing person understands that his own vision of the situation is very limited. What things, heavy for it, would not occur, including serious illnesses or the death of close people, it finds a consolation that on everything there is a God's will. The belief helps to accept a situation whatever bitter it was, to reconcile to the event.

8. The huge role in acceptance even of the heaviest events for the believing person is played by understanding that soul is immortal. There is no death – nobody leaves forever, the believing person knows that once he will meet again those who are dear to it. And it gives strength for life, fills it with light and optimism. The belief wins against death, and it is one of its greatest advantages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team