How to keep aloe

How to keep aloe

Aloe — not only excellent decoration of interior, but also useful herb. Aloe juice perfectly helps at cold, leaves of this plant tie to wounds at abscesses. Aloe it is undemanding to the soil and is unpretentious. But also this perfection has one shortcoming. Over time the lower leaves dry and die off, leaving unattractive naked stalk. If to leave everything as is, then the top becomes too heavy for such stalk, the plant falls and can even die. Therefore the plant needs to be helped

  • Peg
  • Thick thread
  • Pot with the soil for change
  • Knife
  • Lighter

1. If at aloe couple of lower leaves — nothing terrible have dried. Emergency measures can be not undertaken yet. It is enough to tie plant to peg that it has not broken. Make peg approximately twice lower than plant height. Thrust it at distance of 5-7 cm from stalk. Tie stalk to peg under the lowermost of the remained leaves.

2. The lower leaves at aloe and after this procedure will die off, it is absolutely normal and characteristic almost of all types of aloe, except for at what leaves grow at the socket directly from root. If many leaves and peg have withered does not help any more, it is time to replace plant. Cut off upper part of plant diagonal cut about 4-5 cm lower than the last live leaf. Powder cut with ashes and leave plant in days.

3. Pave the way just the same as was in that pot where the flower grew. The pot can be taken slightly more former, but it is possible to replace plant in the same ware. It is only necessary to remove roots from there, to replace part of the soil and properly to loosen it. Cover hole in the bottom of pot with crock or stone for the best drainage, down fill sand layer, and from above — the paved way.

4. Thrust aloe to the earth. Initially it is possible to tie up it to peg that stood exactly. All types of aloe easily postpone similar procedure and quickly take root. It is necessary to cut off and replace aloe on average time in 2-3 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team