As there is childbirth

As there is childbirth

Childbirth includes three main stages - disclosure, exile of a fruit and an exit of an afterbirth. Each of them has the features about which the pregnant woman should know.

Labor pains and disclosure

Childbirth – difficult physiological process which includes three main stages - disclosure, exile, an afterbirth exit. Fights mark the beginning of patrimonial activity, they gradually lead to disclosure of a uterus. Each fight is characterized by force and duration. During the first stage the neck of the uterus opens up to 4 cm, the dense bubble is opened (a natural or auxiliary way) and there are amniotic waters. The second phase (active) is characterized by opening of a neck of the uterus up to 8 cm, during this period disclosure speed rather big – 1-2 cm an hour. The third phase is characterized by full disclosure which general period lasts from 5-8 to 8-12 hours.

Exile of a fruit

It is accepted to call a period from full disclosure of a neck of the uterus till the birth of the child the period of exile of a fruit. It is characterized by attempts as a result of which muscles of an anterior abdominal wall of the woman and a diaphragm create any reductions. The fruit during exile begins the movement on which way obstacles from a basin meet. The biomechanism of childbirth depends on several factors, most important of which – presentation of a fruit (head, pelvic, mixed or foot).

During attempts it is necessary to adhere strictly to instructions of the obstetrician to reduce risk of injury of a crotch.

Posledovy period

It is a period which begins the moment of the birth of the kid and comes to an end with the afterbirth birth - a fetal cover and a placenta. It occurs in two stages: office of an afterbirth and its allocation (birth). On average this process has to proceed about 30 minutes. It is accepted to designate the first 2-3 hours after allocation of a placenta the early postnatal period, during it the woman is in the patrimonial hall and meets the kid, puts it to a breast. After that on the wheelchair they are transported in chamber where mom with the kid will stay the next 3 days.

If the afterbirth is in a uterus further, it is taken by obstetricians.

What it is important to know?

On 38-39 week of pregnancy it to be necessary to visit the gynecologist who will check readiness of a neck of the uterus to patrimonial activity. Happens that the fruit falls rather low, and a neck absolutely firm, in this case special candles or other medicines which will help to avoid problems will be appointed.

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