Whether it is possible for pregnant women tomato juice"

Whether it is possible for pregnant women tomato juice"

Most of women in situation toxicosis torments throughout all pregnancy. Regular consumption of tomato juice can save from emetic desires. But at once there are fears: whether it is safe, tomatoes are among allergens, and during pregnancy the female body is very sensitive to various substances. This question is also considered in article.

Why there is a wish for some tomato juice at pregnancy

Quite often pregnant women, even at those who before did not drink tomato juice have a keen desire to drink it. It can be connected with shortage in an organism of vitamins A and With, acids and also with the beginning toxicosis.

Whether you know? For the first time in sale tomato juice got to the USA in 1917, in French Lick Springs Hotel. The owner urgently needed by something to replace the reached a limit orange juice.

Besides, it is necessary to consider also more serious factor: what pulls the woman on tomato juice can speak existence of the hidden problems with a liver or bilious puzyryom.

Therefore if you felt the sharp need for this drink, consult with the doctor to understand: it is the shortage of nutrients or a problem with health.

Whether pregnant women can drink tomato juice

Let's try to find out whether juice from tomatoes in the family way on different terms is useful if the organism feels in it the need.

On early terms

Tomato juice is capable to dilute blood, thereby improving circulation of gases on vessels and oxygenating a fruit. The glucose which are present at a product, fructose, iodine, magnesium, folic acid take active part in development of a fruit.

Whether you know? For the first time the South American Indians in the territory of modern Peru began to cultivate tomatoes. It occurred about 8-9 thousand years ago.

Also juice well satisfies feeling of thirst if to drink its not salty, and saves from toxicosis.

In the second trimester

Drink is capable to normalize activity of nervous system, to reduce stress, to lighten the mood, to improve a dream, than becomes useful to pregnant women in the second trimester.

Contain in tomato juice:

  • minerals — iodine, calcium, zinc, iron;
  • vitamins — B9, B12, E, D, A, C.

Besides these elements are necessary for formation of systems of an organism of a fruit in mother's womb.

Study useful and harmful properties of tomatoes.

On late terms

In the third trimester the main advantage of a product is that he is capable to reduce risk of development of varicosity and to strengthen protective function of an organism. In addition, tomato juice:

  • reduces amount of harmful cholesterol, without giving the chance to be corked to vessels;
  • interferes with formation of blood clots in legs which quite often appear from behind the increased fruit pressure;
  • well influences work of a GIT, saving pregnant women from such trouble as a lock.

Learn whether it is possible to use at pregnancy carrot juice and also cranberry and cowberry drink.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

Several secrets how it is better to drink tomato drink during pregnancy:

  1. It is not recommended to take drink right after food or before it. Best of all — for half an hour before meal.
  2. The recommended dose — on 250 ml for once. The measure should be observed as at abuse of a product there is a risk of developing of an urolithic disease.
  3. If you cannot drink drink without salt, replace it with greens (onions, fennel, parsley). And the taste will change, and liquid in an organism will not be late.
  4. For the best digestion of drink it is possible to add to it vegetable oil.
  5. Product combinations with apple and pumpkin juice are admissible.
  6. Drink only a fresh product. In it all useful substances which at preservation are lost remain.
  7. The best combination of drink: with nuts and cheese products.

It is desirable to refuse juice from tomatoes or to be limited in its use in the presence:

  • allergies to tomatoes;
  • exacerbations of diseases of a GIT;
  • poisonings of any weight;
  • disorders of a GIT;
  • gastric spasms.

Important! Drink from tomatoes is badly combined with proteinaceous food and starch-containing products. If you are going to eat egg, meat, dairy products, fish, potato, then hold off consumption of drink better, otherwise stones in kidneys and a gall bladder can be formed.

So, in the absence of contraindications tomato juice it is possible and it is necessary to drink throughout all pregnancy. The main thing is to know when to stop. If at the use of a product there are unpleasant feelings, it is necessary to see urgently a doctor behind consultation.

Responses from network

During pregnancy, the organism itself most often tells what is not enough for it and then begin to want very strongly some certain product. Tomato juice, as well as tomatoes are rich with iron which is just necessary during this period. And if you are thirsty, tomato juice why to torment itself and to refuse to itself it? The only nuance, if juice natural, but not poured in tetra paks. During two pregnancies, and especially the first when there was terrible toxicosis, I escaped only to them. So I can tell with confidence that it is the best and irreplaceable product for pregnant women.))




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