As to the friend to behave with your child

As to the friend to behave with your child

You met the man with whom you would like to connect the future, to start a new family. But you are concerned by a question as there will be relations of your child with the person, new to it. Help two people dear to you to make friends.


1. It is better to organize the first acquaintance of the child to your friend in "neutral territory". For example, acquaint them on walk in the park or cafe. Try to prepare the child for the fact that in yours with him lives there was a person with whom you will spend much time now in advance. Let the kid address your man as it is pleasant to him more: by name, on a name middle name or with a prefix "uncle". Together with the friend think up joint classes which would be interesting and fascinating for all: visit of theater, cinema, attractions, sorties on the nature, small travel.

2. After a while let your friend will be connected and to simple everyday affairs, communicating with the child in a house situation more often. With the kid it is necessary more to play, bathe, put him to bed. To the child is more senior it is possible to help to do homeworks, to support his hobbies, together to make something, to design, help about the house to mom, i.e. you. It is important to be interested in its affairs sincerely, without ingratiation and familiarity, children very thinly feel falseness.

3. You should not try to become replacement of the father to the child school student or teenager if that well remembers the native parent or communicates with him. Let your friend will let know to your daughter or the son at once that he is not going to force out dad from their life at all. It is better to make friends, become the child the real "senior" companion. Your friend should deserve respect in the opinion of the kid the behavior: to earn authority, it is necessary to work. Important to treat creation of the relations with the child as serious business. Daily affairs and classes will give to two people dear to you the chance to better know and feel each other, will help your man to become really loved one for the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team