Children's food allergy: general information and preventive measures

Children's food allergy: general information and preventive measures

Unfortunately, the frequency of developing of an allergy at children steadily increases in the modern world. How to protect the child from food allergy that there were no serious consequences?

It is necessary to think of future health of the child at a stage of pre-natal development. The most important rule of future mom - observance of a diet. It is necessary to reduce consumption of a citrus, vegetables and fruit of red color, chocolate.

How the allergy at children is shown?

Most often characteristic symptoms appear practically right after food. At a severe form even the smell of food can cause allergic reaction.

Besides skin manifestations (rash, urticaria) the violation of activity of many systems of an organism is possible:

1) Changes in work cardiovascular (takhi- or bradycardia, a lowering of arterial pressure) and digestive systems can be observed (nausea, heartburn, vomiting, weight in a stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, a meteorizm, gripes).

2) Treat respiratory violations: rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchial asthma.

Can be complications of food allergy: Quincke's edema, a bronchospasm, anaphylactic shock (which is shown consciousness oppression, pallor or the cyanosis of integuments complicated by the breath expressed by a lowering of arterial pressure). If in time not to help the patient, the outcome can be deadly.

How to detect an allergy?

First of all, it is necessary to reveal products allergens. The allergologist collects the anamnesis, tells how to keep a food diary (to specify, when as how many your kid and also reaction to separate types of products ate).

There are so-called "skin tests". For this purpose on a forearm do small scratches and various allergens drip. This method is used only during remission against the background of a hypoallergenic diet. And carry out immunological tests which allow to define specific antibodies in blood to the sharp period:

1) RAST (radio-allergosorbentny test).

2) IFA (immunoenzymatic analysis).

3) RIST (radioimmunosorbentny test).

4) MAST (method of multiple chemiluminescence).

How to prevent an allergy at the child?

If your child is in risk group, be vigilant at reception of any new types of food, you monitor reaction of an organism. It is necessary to begin with a small portion, gradually increasing it. If there were symptoms of an allergy, the product immediately should be cancelled.

The basic principle of a dietotherapy is the exception of foodstuff with the increased sensibilizing activity (eggs, protein of cow's milk, a citrus). Within a month it is necessary to keep to this diet, then to gradually try to enter new products into a diet of the kid.

Any eliminative diet (about an exception of products which cause allergies) is carried out only under control of the doctor!

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