Diet of the nursing mother: fish

Diet of the nursing mother: fish

During breastfeeding the young mothers need to watch the diet carefully. Improper feeding can lead to developing of an allergy at the child or to other problems. At a diet of the nursing mother surely there has to be fish, but it is necessary to follow certain Regulations of Admission of this product.

Red fish in a diet of the nursing mother

In the first months of life of the child the pediatricians even forbid nursing mothers to eat red fish. The fact is that fish is an allergenic product and the kid can react to her differently. Also negative side of a product is the content of various chemicals and dyes. Usually these substances are present at cheap fish with a long period of storage. Besides, fish can be dangerous to the feeding mom by the probability of infection with parasites.

But nevertheless it is not necessary to refuse red fish during feeding at once. It is just necessary to observe some precautionary measures. Buy fish only in shops and surely demand the certificate of quality on this product. Pay attention that fish has to be freshen and have a big expiration date. If fish cheap, she is suitable only for salads or the further heat treatment. However, it is better for nursing mother to refuse inexpensive fish at once. Overpay, but take fish without the content of dyes and harmful preservatives. Surely check integrity of vacuum packing of a product.

Begin the use of red fish with absolutely small piece. After that track reaction of the kid. If no allergic reaction followed, it is possible to eat this product safely. Do not forget about heredity. Perhaps at someone from your relatives the allergy to red fish is observed. Be in that case especially accurate. Ideally it is necessary to include in the diet red fish from second month of feeding.

Ideal fish for the nursing mother

Consumption of the fish salted in house conditions will become the best option for the feeding mom. Here to buy the main thing good fresh fish and it is correct to prepare her. Such fish will bring only benefit to the child and his mother. It is known that this product contains proteins, important for an organism, and carbohydrates. Vitamins will promote restoration of an organism of the woman during the postnatal period. And to the child these substances will only help to grow and develop normally. Anyway, river and sea fish dishes can be eaten only once a week. And here as snack salty or boiled fish sandwiches will be good. It is desirable that it was the sturgeon or a salmon. Also do not forget to check freshness of these products.

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